Press release: Enpocket has purchased Mobicus, the Helsinki-based mobile technology company, to create the strongest mobile marketing offering in the marketplace.

Since 2000, Mobicus has been the world's leading developer and provider of carrier-grade SMS, MMS and Java mobile marketing software. Mobicus has clients across Europe, the Middle East and North America including Radiolinja, Orange France subsidiary Mobile & Permission, Mobileway, Future Communications and Sonera Zed. Elements of the Mobicus software have been used in the Enpocket Engine for the past two years.

The Mobicus technologies deliver large-scale mobile marketing activities that match consumer profiles with personalized marketing content. This is accomplished by intelligently building and assessing consumer permissions, behaviour, and preferences.

Jonathon Linner, CEO of Enpocket, said: "We are thrilled to be acquiring Mobicus whose technical solutions are unrivalled and deliver successfully for many of the largest international marketers and carriers. By merging our technologies and experience we create a world class mobile solutions business that provides our customers with everything they need to make marketing more effective."

Vaino Leskinen, CEO of Mobicus, said: " We are delighted to be joining forces with Enpocket. Enpocket Solutions lead the market, as the company's recent DMA award and blue chip client list demonstrate. Together we share the vision that the most effective solutions require systems that can act on a deep understanding of the mobile consumer. Enpocket powerfully delivers this through Enpocket Insight and the Enpocket Engine to provide an offering that is second to none."

Enpocket clients in Europe, US and Asia now include: Levi's, Nike, McDonalds, Radiolinja, Orange, BBC, Volvo, HSBC, NHS, Turner, Vodafone, Fox, Honda, Sony, Doritos, Universal, Mobileway, Expedia, Sonera Zed, Warner Brothers, T-Mobile, Cadbury's, Coca-Cola, P&G, JCPenney, KFC, O2, Mobileway, HP, Fidelity, GM, CompUSA and Mastercard.


About Enpocket:
Enpocket's consumer-driven mobile solutions make marketing more effective. The heart of the offering is the Enpocket Engine, the world's most widely used wireless marketing software. The brain of the system is Enpocket Insight, the richest source of actionable consumer data from campaigns and general mobile usage in the marketplace. Using both, Enpocket Solutions - from advertising to promotions and relationship marketing - optimize relevance and response so that a low cost wireless contact strategy can improve performance across all media channels. Mobile can enhance any marketing program, whether driving sales, developing loyalty or saving costs. To learn more see Enpocket has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, London and Helsinki.

Enpocket clients include: Levi's, Nike, McDonalds, Orange, BBC, Volvo, HSBC, Radiolinja, NHS, Turner, Vodafone, Fox, Honda, Sony, Universal Pictures, Expedia, Sonera Zed, Warner Brothers, T-Mobile, Cadbury's, Coca-Cola, P&G, JCPenney, KFC, O2, Doritos, Mobileway, HP, Fidelity, GM, CompUSA and Mastercard.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 27th January 2004