Chinwag Jobs sets new standards for online recruitment with PositiveFeedback’s personalisation service

30th October 2006: Digital marketing jobs site Chinwag Jobs ( is using online personalisation technology to provide its users with a targeted list of recommended vacancies based on previous jobs they have viewed. This will give job seekers fuller and faster access to all the positions held in Chinwag’s database that are right for them.

Chinwag Jobs is the leading recruitment website for online marketing in the UK. The site is used by major corporations, including the BBC,, Yahoo!, Amazon, First Choice and SEGA.

Chinwag Jobs is the first company to sign up for PositiveFeedback’s real-time collaborative filtering service that presents candidates with jobs related to ones they are currently viewing. The service will improve navigation for users of the website using real-time behavioural targeting, rather than keyword or tag-based searches. This means that Chinwag Jobs can infer what jobs they are looking for, and use this information in conjunction with jobs other candidates like them are looking at. Recruiters also benefit from this service as they will now receive a smaller number of extremely high-quality applications for their vacancies.

Chinwag Jobs will also be the first recruitment web site to use a technique pioneered by large online retailers such as Amazon with their “people who bought x also bought y.”

Sam Michel, Managing Director of Chinwag said:

“We use a number of Web 2.0 technologies to provide candidates with the best tools to find the right job. PositiveFeedback’s online personalisation service now makes it even easier for our users to discover further opportunities, expanding their options by recommending alternative vacancies that are specific to their requirements. This is a great service that will help our users find their digital dream job, whilst ensuring recruiters get well-targeted, high-quality applications and crucially improves the general usability of the Chinwag Jobs website.”

Paul Cook, founder of PositiveFeedback said:

“Collaborative filtering is expensive to develop and hardware intensive, making it an ideal technology for an ASP solution. PositiveFeedback processes behavioural data to find similar jobs in real-time. This enables Chinwag jobs to provide immediate and relevant recommendations to their users. Personalisation systems have, until now, been traditionally used by large ecommerce organisations. Our new pay-per-recommendation model opens up these technology to a wide range of industries and I am delighted Chinwag Jobs has recognised the value this service will offer its users.”

About PositiveFeedback
PositiveFeedback is a managed service personalisation solution that allows online retailers and advertisers to deploy self-optimising marketing campaigns. The product suite will include applications for product merchandising, affiliate management and a behavioural ad server that is currently in beta.
PositiveFeedback is being developed by Levexis, the company set up in 2004 by former RedEye founder Paul Cook to explore the next generation of applied analytics. PositiveFeedback will launch its full suite of tools over the next six months.

About Chinwag Jobs

Chinwag Jobs ( is the leading recruitment website for Online Marketing positions in the UK. The site is used by major corporations, including the BBC,, Yahoo!, Amazon, First Choice, SEGA..

Chinwag Jobs provides candidates with the best possible tools to make finding a job easier. The website is pioneering the use of Web 2.0 for recruitment, using features such as tag clouds and personalised RSS feeds.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 30th October 2006