An inside look into the timber price crisis and its impact on retail prices

Popular e-commerce website Garden Buildings Direct is offering an inside look into the future of the garden buildings market and to why timber prices are about to rise and when you should buy to avoid being stung.

Nottinghamshire: UK – December 3rd, 2006 – Garden Buildings Direct is an experienced e-commerce retailer who are based in Sutton-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, England. Due to an extensive family history in the garden buildings industry (with Walton’s Garden Buildings) Garden Buildings Direct are in a strong position for evaluating the market and feel the looming effect of high timber prices (up to 80%), should be shared with the public.

History of British Timber trading

Until the 17th century Britain was heavily self sufficient for it’s timber, the famous oak tress were used for everything from ship building to helping construct the growing mines and ironworks across the country. By the end of the 17th century however Britain found its reserves running lower than they would have hoped, they turned to overseas domains to meet their demands and hold up the British nation. This demand and trade agreement still exists today with the Baltic regions and Russia in particular, providing us with a lot of UK timber supplies.

Current Timber Situation

Due to the fact Russia is such a major presence in the British softwood market, changes that greatly affect the country tend to have an effect on us. Since timber is one of Russia’s top 4 exports (the others being petroleum, natural gas and metals) economic changes are even more expressive in our market and this is what is currently causing timber process to rise. Adverse weather in the Baltic region has lowered the average temperature causing the water and land to freeze. This causes huge problems for Russian logging crews who have much greater difficulty in cutting down trees and operating machinery in such extreme cold. Russia has also seen a housing boom within their own country meaning demand has risen and fewer products are being exported. There is also a larger demand worldwide for timber meaning an inevitable rise in its value as a resource.

What You Can Do

The rise in timber prices and by extension everything made from it cannot be helped. It will definitely happen and consumers can expect to see the effects (20% price rise) around Jan ‘07 Garden Buildings Direct are holding prices until then but their offers can’t last forever. Browse their massive selection of garden buildings such as the wooden shed, log cabin, children’s playhouse, summerhouse and garden storage and buy your choice today, before the timber price rise takes full effect. The Garden Buildings Direct website is simple and easy to use and offers secure payments and free shipping to most of the UK.

About Garden Buildings Direct

Garden Buildings Direct are a UK based retailer who are part of the Kybotech Ltd. family. The family holds over a hundred years of experience in producing outdoor buildings including wooden sheds, log cabins, children’s playhouses and greenhouses.
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Published on: 12:00AM on 8th December 2006