Reading, UK, 7th December 2006 - Levels of online retail fraud in the UK remain low as retailers continue to invest in anti-fraud measures, taking a toolkit approach to managing risk. Retailers typically spend between £10,000 and £100,000 each year deploying and managing an average of six different tools to assess orders. The third annual CyberSource UK Online Fraud Report shows retailers taking responsibility for managing a problem that only 15% believe will be significantly improved by police action.

150 retailers were surveyed for the report by independent research company Vanson Bourne. 73% reported that losses from fraud have stalled or fallen as a proportion of revenue, but more importantly 58% reported that fraud levels are static or down in actual monetary value. 46% of retailers now use an automated system (such as CyberSource Decision Manager) to collate the results from multiple checks and screens, and assess the probability of fraud on a given transaction.

Nathan Jackson, managing director of CyberSource commented: "This year's report is further evidence that online retailers are not a soft target as they have sometimes been portrayed. By deploying a range of tools to create defence in depth, and adding new tools as they become available, retailers are making the online shopping environment increasingly secure."

Retailers' biggest fears are the increasing sophistication of fraudsters and identity theft. Techniques such as copying card details in a shop or restaurant using a camera phone have enabled thieves to quickly ascertain and sell-on real card information without the cardholder's knowledge.

"The online shopping environment is often portrayed as a haven for criminals and tricksters, but this simply isn't the case," commented Jo Tucker, managing director of the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG). "The continuing growth of online spending will inevitably prove tempting for criminals, but the industry is demonstrating a mature approach to tackling the problem."

The Third Annual CyberSource UK Online Fraud Survey was sponsored by CyberSource Ltd. The survey was conducted across three weeks in October 2006 and yielded 150 complete responses. The sample was drawn from a database of companies involved in electronic commerce activities. As an incentive to complete the survey, respondents had the opportunity to win one of two portable media players.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 7th December 2006