LONDON - MYOB today announced the launch of an e-learning service for its accountancy software customers. Initially covering the CorTAX, PerTAX, VAP (Viztopia Accounts Production) products, with TrusTAX and ParTAX/BusTAX to follow soon after, the e-learning service will provide significant time and cost benefits for customers.

e-learning is a web-based training method that is designed to bring clients quickly up to speed with the software while not having to leave their own working environment. The modular format of the training will allow users to complete the courses in stages over time – users will be able to view their training history online. In addition, each client will be able to appoint an in-house training manager who will be able to run reports to monitor who has run the courses, the amount of time spent on each course, and when the courses have been marked as completed.

MYOB will also be able to engage remotely with users and clients who are taking advantage of the e-learning service. This will allow MYOB to support the e-learning courses and remotely assist the user. The e-learning courses supplement MYOB’s existing on-site and classroom based training, which will continue to run alongside the e-learning service.

Simon Crompton, MYOB general manager, said: “The accountancy sector is under significant pressure to improve specialist knowledge and this has put increasing demand on training. To date, the profession has largely ignored the benefits e-learning can bring. However, MYOB has recognised that taking time out to train can be inconvenient and costly to accountancy practices. e-learning solves this problem while at the same time offering accountants a more bespoke method of training, providing online tuition where you want, when you want and on the topic you want. It allows accountants easy access to the training they need and puts a halt on placing training on the backburner due to time and location constraints.

Crompton continued: “We hope that e-learning initiatives will help accountancy practices take a fresh and enthusiastic approach to software training. Using e-learning will undoubtedly help promote client service, not only through time savings but more importantly, because informed staff will clearly provide the best output.”

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Published on: 12:00AM on 7th December 2006