The holiday season draws near, and the updated eCardMAX 2006 is prepared to work all through the season, as a fun, but serious viral marketing tool for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. The feature-rich e-card portal allows site designers and web masters to easily integrate a viral marketing tool into new or existing sites, in a fun and personable way, just in time for keeping in touch with customers with holiday cards.

Websites equipped with eCardMAX enable visitors to browse and send holiday e-greetings, postcards and announcements to business associates, clients, friends and family. Once received, the e-card acts as a promotional tool, pointing the recipient back to the website. Because every card sent from a site using eCardMAX will be seen by both the sender and the receiver of the card, it is an extremely efficient virtual marketing tool that can be employed at any time of year, but especially around the holidays.

"The updated e-CardMAX portal is an excellent tool for businesses that realize the value in staying in touch with clients. It's a great format for people to provide friendly updates or promotional information," says Tri Vo, CEO of

As paper correspondence becomes more obsolete, eCardMAX 2006 offers businesses who want to send holiday greetings some practical, time-saving communication organizational tools, including the ability to send custom voice messages with cards or announcements create photo albums of sender's personal photos, or send music from the personal music library. Other organizational tools that make e-CardMAX an ideal partner for viral marketing are reminder alerts for special dates; card history; ability to preview cards before they are sent; and advance check for errors such as past dates, empty fields, and invalid email addresses.

Using e-greetings as virtual marketing tools is increasingly viewed as a fresh and inventive advertising approach. is seen as a valuable asset by many industry insiders. Erik Lundberg co-founder of states, "eCardMAX is one of the best pieces of software I've been fortunate enough to work with. It is extremely feature-rich, reasonably priced, stable and scalable. I'd recommend eCardMAX to any webmaster, administrator, or designer that wants to serve e-cards."

Administrative features of e-CardMAX include several security elements such as encrypted administrative ID and password login. System requirements are straightforward and reasonable; eCardMAX is designed to run on any server with php version 4.x or higher as well as MySQL3.x or higher.

With glowing reviews and proven reliability, eCardMAX is a cost effective and user friendly way to join the virtual marketing age during the holiday season. eCardMAX product information can be found at

Published on: 12:00AM on 20th November 2006