New application enables marketing organisations to create personalised online portals that centralise content, business applications and processes

Bristol, UK, 4 December 2006: smartFOCUS, an international vendor of enterprise marketing software, has launched smartMARKETER Portal Edition, an application that enables marketing departments to create web portals for accessing all their content, business applications and processes in one location.

SmartMARKETER Portal Edition provides a personalised interface for accessing content and business processes, ensuring that everybody has ready access to the tools they need in a central location and at the same time ensuring secured access to the required content and business processes. Using a single interface cuts the learning curve and ensures that work flows smoothly between processes.

Marketing service providers can use SmartMARKETER Portal Edition to create personalised portals for their clients. Through the use of web service standards, these work environments can be extended with new applications and modules.

There are two key business templates in the software: smartCHANNEL and smartRESULTS, both major additions to the existing smartCAMPAIGNER and smartREPORTER modules. SmartCHANNEL introduces a new channel management visualisation module, enabling users to build integrated online and offline marketing campaigns and other communications visually. Using a single interface, users can see a holistic view of customer journeys and online interactions.

SmartCHANNEL also manages marketing collateral, providing a central repository for marketing documents and enabling strict version control. There is a review and approvals function so the marketing team can work with marketing suppliers in delivering collaborative projects. smartCHANNEL also provides call centre and telemarketing agents with access to marketing and operational data. smartCHANNEL adds both web service and workflow capability to the smartCampaigner module.

Using both the new Portal and the smartREPORTER module, SmartRESULTS enables dashboards to be easily built, which outline marketing objectives, key performance indicators and outcomes and help with management by exception and dissemination of marketing results across the business. SmartRESULTS enables better quality decision making by providing comprehensive reports and results information. Reports and dashboard updates can be automated and scheduled using smartFOCUS’s high-speed analysis data server.

Caroline Worboys, managing director of Broadsystem, smartFOCUS’s business partner for marketing, sales and service programmes, said: “We are really excited about this new development. Marketing departments are under constant pressure to deliver results and it is increasingly important that key business processes are streamlined and effective. We already use smartFOCUS Intelligent Marketing solutions and the new SmartMARKETER Portal Edition will enable us to improve the service we provide to our customers by helping them to visualise and understand business results, coordinate complex multi-channel programmes and improve decision making and personal effectiveness.”

Chris Underhill, CEO of smartFOCUS, said: “Marketing applications cannot work in isolation. With this release, we are taking advantage of the internet both to create a virtual workspace and enable remote access to it across the organisation, and to enable our marketing applications to be integrated with others using web services. smartMARKETER Portal Edition will provide greater flexibility to organisations in tailoring their interfaces, reports and processes to the way they want to work.”

About smartFOCUS

smartFOCUS provides software and services that enable companies to manage and coordinate marketing across multiple channels, including email, telemarketing, direct mail and display advertising. The company provides a complete portfolio of data integration, analysis, modeling, campaign planning and management, with integrated budgeting and finance solutions. The result is ‘Intelligent Marketing’, driven by a single view of the customer’s activities across all channels. Marketers can target their communications more accurately, cutting wastage, increasing conversion rates and achieving a better understanding of the customer base.

Users of smartFOCUS’s enterprise marketing management software include AAA, ABN AMRO, Avis Europe, Carrefour, France Telecom, Harrods, Hilton International and News International.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 4th December 2006