The winners of the first competition for the best “Fan Photo” submitted to have just been announced.

Advances in digital and mobile phone camera technology enable sports fans attending events to capture the action both on and off the pitch with devices routinely carried in the pocket to games. It is the captured moment and memories that count most for the fans who welcome the opportunity to share their experiences with fellow fans.

Awarding Panasonic digital cameras to the prize winners David Murphy, Commercial Director of Fantastic Photos, anticipates significant growth as enthusiastic fans take snaps of increasingly better quality. “These days you are as likely to see sporting heroes pose for photos on a fan’s mobile as sign an autograph.”

“We wanted to create a site where fans could display all these photos and then add an element of competitive fun to see how they rate against other teams and even other sports. Some fans have some excellent snaps and we expect the quality and the competition to increase over time – assisted by the technology advances taking place in both digital cameras and mobile phones”.

With the range of content rapidly growing on the site both fan and sponsor interest is expected to increase for the next competition which will be announced this month.

For more information contact David Murphy of Fantastic Photos via

Published on: 12:00AM on 5th February 2007