UK keywords are now available from the web’s leading keyword research service, Keywords are the essential building blocks of any search engine optimisation campaign and the new service means that marketers in the UK will be able to increase their ROI by fine tuning their campaigns to the local market.

“Until now, search marketers have had to depend on worldwide data for their keyword research. This includes keywords from every English speaking region and local differences can skew keyword counts.” Said CEO Andy Mindel. “By using only UK specific keywords, marketers will be able to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns.”

The UK only option has been incorporated into the Wordtracker subscription options at no extra cost.

Wordtracker has invested heavily in finding a reliable source of UK keywords that meets rigorous quality controls. Their algorithm eliminates robotic searches and search engine spam so that users get keywords that reflect people’s real search behaviour.

“We collect uncompressed log files from the ISPs. From these we extract the keywords from the major engines including Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN amongst others, leaving just over 4% of the original files,” explained Mindel.

“We then extract duplicate queries, robotic queries and generally de-spam the data. The extraction process is a lengthy one but we’re left with high quality keywords that represent just 0.038% of the original log files. However those quality keywords are like gold dust to people optimising their websites”

Mindel continued, “Online business is growing at a terrific pace and no company, large or small can ignore the potential of the web. Our database contains many millions of keywords from both the UK and the US. People no longer have to guess their best keywords, with our database, they will know.”


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Editors Notes:

Wordtracker ( is a privately owned London business that started in 1997 and provides keyword research services to search engine marketing professionals and website owners worldwide

A market leader in keyword research Wordtracker has over 5000 clients worldwide with 80% of turnover coming from the US.

Wordtracker launched a free keyword suggestion tool in January 2007. The tool is available at and gives webmasters up to 100 free keywords in each session. The tool is designed to allow webmasters to quickly, and easily, brainstorm initial keyword ideas.

Clients include,,,,, and a host of other search engine optimisation companies.

Published on: 12:00AM on 13th February 2007