ListManager 9.2 Adds New Template and Content Builders, Image Library, Enhanced Reporting, Yahoo® Domain Keys Support, and Message Throttling

Lyris® Technologies ( and ), leading provider of email marketing solutions and subsidiary of J.L. Halsey (OTCBB:JLHY), today unveiled Lyris ListManager 9.2, its latest release in its 9 Series, Lyris’ most robust and sophisticated email marketing solution to date.

“With the wide variety of new features and enhancements in this release, Lyris continues to solidify its reputation as a premier provider of email marketing solutions. Our new template and content building tools in particular provide a unique ability to our customers to build their own templates, giving them both greater control and greater efficiency in creating and sending email marketing campaigns,” states Luis Rivera, CEO of Lyris Technologies, Inc.

ListManager 9.2 includes many new features:
• Our template and content building tools include a simplified interface with increased functionality, the ability to edit content and manipulate images and then “drag-and-drop” images into an email or template.
• The new image library, which can be accessed from the template and content builder, allows users to easily upload images from the library to their emails or email templates. Users can view images as thumbnails or full-size previews and catalogue them into folders and subfolders.
• ListManager 9.2’s new HTML editor is more powerful, includes added features, and can now be accessed from multiple pages within the application. As well, it is integrated into our template and content builder where it can be used to edit and format text.
• Two of ListManager’s most critical reports have been redesigned to include more comprehensive data, improved charts and graphs, and a more concise and intuitive layout of the results.
• Domain Keys, a leading email authentication system developed by Yahoo, is now supported by ListManager. Administrators will be able to configure their settings at a site or list level.
• A throttling control mechanism has been added to ListManager 9.2 which allows users to set limits to the number of messages delivered per connection and the number of connections that should be made per hour. This will minimise the risk for high-volume senders being blocked or filtered by ISPs who, to fight spam, often limit the number of connections and mailings they accept from any one IP address.

“Year over year, Lyris is recognised as a leader in the marketplace. Now more than ever, we truly have the tools, features, and functions that make our product a complete solution for today’s email marketer,” remarks Rivera.

More information on ListManager 9.2’s new features

Template and Content Builder
ListManager’s new template and content building system is a particularly important component of ListManager 9.2. Using the new toolsets, users will have a unique ability to build their own templates and do so quickly and easily. Using the tool, users can add and edit content, place and resize images, and make other adjustments. Once the template has been created, ListManager makes it easy to create new mailings by adding images and text to the editable regions.

Through this new tool, users have greater control and flexibility in their emails’ design. Users can design their own unique template and specify which regions can be altered and which are fixed. The template builder also features an image library which displays a copy of all the images in a user’s library. Using a simple, one-step drag-and-drop process, the user can easily place their images into the email, as well as resize them as necessary. Users also have the ability to catalogue their images into folders and subfolders to suit their needs.

New HTML Editor
The new HTML editor is a leading WYSIWYG editor, very robust, highly tested, and with advanced feature capabilities. Its integration with the template and content builder provides an efficient way for users to edit or reformat the text components of their email template after the template has been created.

Enhanced Reporting
The enhanced reporting in ListManager 9.2 will provide users with greater ability to both track and improve their email marketing ROI by having access to more comprehensive results and analysis of their email campaigns. For example, the new Dashboard now includes monthly averages and greater detail on trends over time. It also includes a new conversion pipeline, generated by a new and very modern graphics package.

The other report which has been redeveloped is the Mailing Overview. It also incorporates new graphics and includes new, more comprehensive information in an extremely intuitive layout. This report also displays quick-links to other related reports, giving the user easy access to important data and results of their email campaigns.

Support for Domain Keys
By supporting Domain Keys, Yahoo’s leading email authentication system, Lyris provides users with greater tools for email authentication. This helps Lyris customers further ensure to the ISPs that they are legitimate emailers and thus improves their emails’ overall deliverability.

Throttling Control
The new throttling control mechanism enables users to have direct control over the speed at which their emails are sent. Because some ISPs limit how much email they will accept from any one IP address, the ability to throttle down sending speeds helps users ensure greater deliverability of their messages.

ListManager 9.2 is available now in the US and UK. For more information about pricing or a product upgrade, please contact or visit

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Published on: 12:00AM on 12th February 2007