Frustrated at the apparent inability for bid management software solutions to work with 'quality score' based PPC platforms, Browser Media is inviting vendors to participate in a review of leading bid management software solutions.

The review intends to provide an objective, impartial review of the solutions currently available and will be made freely available to all users once complete.

Managing Director, Joe Friedlein, comments:

"The concept of getting software to do the lion's share of the grunt work when managing large PPC campaigns is very appealing, but the shift away from open bidding platforms, where you can see what your competitors are bidding, must surely threaten the foundations on which most bid management solutions are built."

"We have seen systems that are very eloquent and should help improve efficiency, but I have yet to find one that I would trust to out-perform a 'human managed' campaign. Most of the software vendors make promises about improved performance and increased ROI, but very few really explain how this is done"

"We therefore thought that a review of the major systems available today, with a focus on exploring how they believe they can offer increased performance / ROI, would be an interesting project to undertake and one which would be useful for anyone interested in bid management technologies."

"In some respects, the review is an open challenge to bid management software but we hope that the vendors will see it as an opportunity to address concerns over their true value and demonstrate their strengths."

Bid management software solution vendors are encouraged to contact Browser Media to indicate interest in participating in the review. It is anticipated that the review will be undertaken during March, with the publication of the review in early April.

More information is available on the Browser Media website at

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Published on: 12:00AM on 13th February 2007