Vertical Leap, the leading Managed Search Engine Marketing Agency, announces a further refinement to Apollo, its unique campaign management system, with enhanced “dashboard graphs” which instantly show a client - amongst other highlights - their current and historic top 30 and top 10 rankings at a glance.

The refinement is the latest in an ongoing mission to simplify campaign performance reporting and more importantly, relevance.
“Because internet marketing is so accountable, too many everyday agencies simply bombard their clients with meaningless lists of figures,” comments Gina Bray, Vertical Leap’s recently promoted Sales Director, “the result is a rather muddled and very often, skewed take on campaign performance which becomes increasingly alienated from any real marketing usefulness.”

“Search engine rankings in their own right are meaningless unless they deliver results not only in increased traffic, but targeted, motivated visitors, Gina continues, “Vertical Leap’s clients can be confident that the graphic curve they are seeing is an accurate summary of how effective their campaign is in the real world, not a vacuum.”

Vertical Leap’s dashboard graphs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to achieving improved results from a client’s website.
For instance, the agency’s Campaign Delivery Managers use Apollo’s comprehensive Search Analytics module to monitor which ‘benchmark’ or campaigned keywords and phrases are being used to find client websites, and which are ‘attracted’, or coincidental.

Constantly refining this aspect of the campaign on behalf of a client ensures a consistently evolving campaign dedicated to achieving results in the form of website conversions.

Vertical Leap’s unique and focussed reporting system also allows clients to utilise the results from their campaign even further and to use and integrate the data as intelligence for use not only in other online campaigns such as Pay Per Click PPC advertising, but also in offline campaigns such as press advertising and even as guidelines in how their sales force should be selling.

Gina Bray again: “Vertical Leap’s brand of search engine marketing is the most customer-focussed marketing activity there is. Rather than companies setting the agenda for what they think their consumers are thinking about their products or services and how they are looking for them, our fully managed service actually tells them! How valuable is that in all aspects of any company’s sales and marketing activity?


For more information about Vertical Leap and Managed Search Engine Marketing, please contact Gina Bray on 0845 123 2753

Notes: Vertical Leap is a leading search engine marketing company, providing its clients with a fully managed and comprehensive ‘campaign’ to improve ranking results and website performance by actively promoting visits from motivated sales prospects at an all-inclusive, fixed cost. Vertical Leap is committed to providing unrivalled search intelligence to enhance that service with is own proprietary technology, Apollo, the ultimate campaign management system delivering informed data in real time to maximise Return on Investment.
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Published on: 12:00AM on 15th February 2007