Berlin, 16th January – Thomas Hessler, CEO and co-founder of ZANOX comment's on AOL's recent interest in acquiring Tradedoubler, "The on-line affiliate marketing space has gone through a period of rapid growth and expansion in the past five years and we are now seeing a period of consolidation where only the solid companies will survive. We welcome AOL as our first global competitor and are pleased that they have recognised the value in adopting a global offering the model that we developed and continue to lead in the industry. We will continue with our strategy to develop cutting edge scalable solutions that allow all our partners to globalise."

zanox is the global market leader for performance-based multichannel commerce, unique one stop solution for efficiently marketing products and services on the Internet with best of breed technology. zanox was founded in 2000 by CEO's Thomas Hessler, Heiko Rauch and Jens Hewald and has experienced exceptional growth year on year. zanox strategic distribution channel is successful employed by more 1,500 international companies such as Amazon, Allianz, Axa, Bertelsmann, Citibank, DaimlerChrysler, Dell, Procter & Gamble, Staples and Vodafone. zanox is the first and still the only player in the industry with offices in Europe, USA and Asia as well as local support in more than 30 countries. During 2006, full time employees have increased from 100 to 250.

Thomas continues, "The online global market development is dynamic and rapid, our 2006 revenue will top the Euro 100 million mark, setting a new record for zanox. We continue to be the vendor of choice for global program execution, we have over 1,500 prestigious international companies that rely on our strategic distribution channel and more than one million sales partners in over 30 countries. We are extremely excited about 2007, our growth forecasts are solid and we will be launching a raft of innovative solutions“

zanox offers its advertisers an unrivalled, fully integrated, single point of tracking technology in 12 languages and 200 currencies. Moreover, with zanox XS they get access to a global network of over 1 million direct and indirect publishers in more than 150 countries. Advertisers with a strong Internet business model profit especially from a highly efficient and purely performance-based marketing and sales channel. zanox introduced zanox m³ for publishers in 2006. Publishers particularly benefit from a highly profitable traffic within the zanox network, the seamless integration via the zanox Developer Kit, worldwide payouts and a 24/7 service as well as access to more than 150 global top advertisers. Furthermore, they profit from better conversions through a leading tracking technology, real time analytics and high relevance ads. Another strong benefit is, the higher payouts due to premium commissions with three monthly payouts and performance bonuses based on AdRank.

About zanox:
zanox is the market leader for performance-based multichannel commerce. zanox XS provides a global solution for efficiently marketing products and services on the Internet. Besides affiliate marketing and search engine management, zanox’s online marketing services include e-mail marketing, online shopping and customer loyalty programmes. More than 1,000 prestigious international companies such as Allianz, Amazon, Axa, Citibank, DaimlerChrysler, Expedia, Jamster, Lycos, Procter & Gamble, Sixt, Staples, Vodafone and many more rely on zanox's strategic distribution channel. zanox currently works with more than one million sales partners in 30 countries. zanox partners secure permanent, first-class revenues by advertising on websites, search engines, as well as in e-mails and software. zanox was founded in 2000 by CEO's Thomas Hessler, Heiko Rauch and Jens Hewald and currently employs more than 250 people. The company operates in an extremely dynamic future facing market, realising well above-average growth.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 22nd January 2007