depo consulting ltd have published a guide to buying land on Second Life for businesses. This follows their extremely successful Beginners’ Guide for Business that had 1,500 downloads in the three weeks following publication in December.

The land guide looks at the factors that should drive a businesses decision of what and where to buy, looking at some of the issues that make some locations less successful than others.

Peter Dunkley, depo director, says “There’s a huge amount of interest in Second Life at the moment but we’re starting to see some pretty strange implementations by various businesses – it’s like the early days of the Internet boom in that respect. Where you locate your business is – as in the real world – a critical factor. The popularity of a location really drives traffic (or should we call it footfall?) and the benefits of buying an island have to be weighed against the difficulty in attracting your target audience to it.

“We bought land in a residential area because we wanted neighbours so that we could learn about this new environment. The number of people that have just dropped by to see what we’re doing has been amazing. It has led to new contacts and a couple of attractive deals in the pipeline.”

“The office was designed by a New York architect – whose portfolio includes work for REM’s Michael Stipe and Woody Allen – has created a community of architects, designers and builders spanning several countries.”

The guide is available for free download at depo’s website –

A simple guide to building on Second Life will be available on Monday 29th January.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 23rd January 2007