1,600% increase in revenues could be yours

We now live in an age where people want much more control over the information they both provide and receive, and the industry buzzwords are all about vocal and empowered consumers. Individuals are becoming far more involved in internet processes and won't stick around if they're not getting what they want. This trend looks set to grow and companies need to respond and compete accordingly. eCatcher is the perfect solution to help you respond and get maximum ROI from your sales and marketing activity. The innovative online marketing solution just launched today aims to approach e-marketing from the consumer perspective for the first time - using the web in a compelling way to increase sales and marketing lead generation for your organisation, by giving customers what they want. The whole premise of the eCatcher test is that the questions are relevant in addition to the real incentive of giving users instant and accurate feedback.

When it comes to making buying decisions, people naturally want to find the fastest solutions as easily as possible. The web is no exception; indeed it is even more important to capture people quickly on the web than in traditional media. Potential customers want information instantly, want it to be personal to them, and want it to be different from what they can find anywhere else. eCatcher is the first online intuitive interface designed to understand the buyer's needs and guide the prospective customer to the best solution for them. You may think you've heard all this before, but do read on...the first customer of eCatcher has achieved a 1,600 per cent increase in revenues - directly attributable to eCatcher.

Imagine being able to generate new business 24 hours a day via a new marketing tool that knows how to satisfy your potential customers within minutes. The apparent advantages might seem rather attractive but add to that the ability to assess and prioritise leads - without any human intervention - and the concept looks even more appealing. Aquarium Software has just launched its highly sophisticated and aptly named eCatcher service which helps companies to generate quality sales leads online, complementing or even replacing traditional marketing methods. Designed to save time, cut costs and increase productivity, it uses a virtual sales tool with a powerful 'brain' that gathers information and understands the responses and analyses the results. Based very much on looking at businesses from the outside in, it is cleverly structured to meet the needs of customers seeking information as well as companies pursuing profits. The service has been thoroughly tried and tested ahead of its web-based launch and has already acquired some very satisfied clients.

Aquarium's Geoff Hall explains the concept of eCatcher: "You only have to surf the internet for a while to realise that many businesses still use the internet as little more than a one dimensional online brochure. There is little or no interaction, they also tend to talk about themselves rather than about the customer, and the potential customer switches off and goes somewhere else; so much for your expensive web presence. It's essential to have an incentive to hook your customer into your site and keep them there. Nothing on the market in our opinion is like eCatcher - that potentially converts your website into your entire sales and marketing force; your entire lead generation team. And all at a fraction of the overhead of employing call centre telesales teams or field sales forces.

"If your goods and services aren't being seen on the supermarket shelf - ie: in the first few returns on Google - your business is effectively dead. Even worse, if you are being seen on the shelf but your message is not unique and you have no differentiator, you may be completely wasting all the effort and resource you have put into getting up the rankings. In a nutshell, eCatcher instantly differentiates you from the competition. Combined with appropriate e-marketing techniques such as e-mail marketing or pay per click, eCatcher's results are highly effective."

Aquarium has major expansion plans for the new eCatcher service, after a Beta trial with a financial services company yielded fantastic results. "Our technology produced a 60-second online test containing a small number of very relevant questions," he explained. "It supplied instant feedback to the respondent, determined the quality of each lead for the company involved and sorted the data into appropriate categories for sales teams to follow up. It has proven extremely effective for this particular client company and there is a huge amount of scope for the application to bring significant benefits to a host of other market sectors. We've also been able to modify and further improve the service during this development process," he added.

The initiative turns traditional marketing methods upside down by encouraging prospective customers to contact businesses directly rather than the other way round. Rewarding users with immediate answers also results in their willingness to supply useful details that might otherwise take hours to ascertain, and offers the clear advantage of attracting people who are already genuinely interested in what a company has to offer.

eCatcher is particularly suited to firms selling complex products and services where there is the need to gather lots of information from individuals before they can assess the prospects of actually securing any business. Hundreds of industries fall into this category - from major financial institutions to manufacturing, education, travel, medical and professional/business services organisations. Many currently employ time-consuming telesales techniques to attract new custom; even those currently using internet marketing can find it difficult to stand out from their rivals and many still rely on traditional methods even after attracting people to their websites. Aquarium aims to benefit people searching the internet for information as well as clients using the software by means of an ultra accessible and interactive product.

The silver bullet

eCatcher acts as a virtual sales and marketing team with all the advantages and none of the drawbacks. By using individually tailored questionnaires, it gathers the information needed to convert an enquiry into a client. It captures the interest of people surfing the net, reels in their responses and then trawls through the data they provide while ensuring that the process for users is extremely quick and simple. The ability to provide them with swift feedback immediately helps to build a relationship between the business and its would-be customer - giving companies a distinctive edge over online competitors.

The benefits:

eCatcher increases lead volume and decreases lead costs by providing a streamlined

service that profiles data all on its own. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week and routes the responses into relevant categories to eliminate poor leads and prioritise positive ones. It frees up the time of telesales operatives who may be pursuing large numbers of unproductive leads and directs their attention to the hot ones instead. Even if people effectively `fail' the test, the information they supply could still result in the sale of other products and services.

The process:

Aquarium will design a questionnaire and can advise of any changes to standard telesales scripts. It then creates an online test and gives you the chance to try it out. When the format is finalised, the test is publicised online to start generating those all-important quality sales leads. Anyone new to internet marketing can also consult the company about handling their questionnaire's online promotion - and it has partners to provide expert help in a wide range of fields.

Questionnaires are designed to match a company image, including logos and house style without the need to download software. Users will see it simply as a page from the company's website and will complete the form in the same way as they would on a typical web page.

The proof:

Claims handling specialist Brunel Franklin has achieved an annual revenue increase of 1,600 per cent in the two years after adopting eCatcher. Two years ago, the company dealt with just a few hundred leads per month but directors recognised the potential to do much more. Most of its new business was generated by phone sales and large numbers of telephone sales staff would be needed to handle enquiries and collate customer details in order to increase growth. Brunel Franklin also acknowledged that it wasn't possible for employees to deal with large volumes of new cases efficiently using existing software applications.

The company's corporate relations director, Ian Allison, explained: "We realised a major change was required and that's where eCatcher came into the picture. We wanted to shift our business to a new model - one where most of our new leads came in via the web. So we used eCatcher to create our online '60-second test'."

The test proved to be a real breakthrough by encouraging customers to contact Brunel Franklin, instead of the company having to contact them. The key was to attract prospective customers without losing them midway through the process by making it as quick and user friendly as possible - with one very unusual advantage. "We were offering people instant feedback on their chances of making a successful claim which is very popular with would-be clients," explained Mr Allison. "Another spin-off benefit for us is that encouraging customers to enter their details securely online, at a time that suits them, saves our staff from being tied up in the task for hours on end."

eCatcher has helped Brunel Franklin to increase the number of new leads it processes each month from several hundred to tens of thousands. Now 90 per cent of new leads are generated via the web. Between the first half of 2004 and the same period in 2006, revenues grew by 1,600 per cent per annum while staff numbers rose by just 250 per cent. Brunel Franklin has moved from being a very small player in its field to a market leader.

"eCatcher has enabled us to grow at an exceptional pace and with a higher margin than traditional methods would have achieved - the results speak for themselves," added Mr Allison.

The cost?

After a modest set-up fee, users only pay for the leads they generate; so eCatcher effectively offers payment by results.

The future:

Emphasising the measurability of eCatcher, Geoff Hall says it's extremely easy to monitor the cost and effectiveness of marketing campaigns. "Its user-friendly capabilities also allow companies to experiment with their online questionnaire. They can modify the test to improve response and add extra questions to open up new sources of revenue. We also anticipate that proficient users will - after brief training - be able to make their own changes when required," he added.

Free test

Take the FREE eCatcher 60 second test now, to see if your organisation can benefit from eCatcher's revolutionary lead generation technology. Visit www.eCatcher.com/60 where you can take an eCatcher test yourself and receive instant feedback on whether and how eCatcher can save you money. You will receive your own personalised illustration showing whether we can save you money and generate you more business. As part of that process you will see exactly how eCatcher could help your organisation transform itself into a lead generation machine. Then it's up to you! For further information e-mail support@ecatcher.com or telephone FREE on 0800 781 7570.

As well as embarking on an end-user acquisition strategy, eCatcher is also offering partner opportunities to re-sellers and referrers. An eCatcher partner programme will be particularly attractive to organisations involved in activities such as direct, strategic or email marketing, customer service or design and creative consultancy.

Published on: 12:00AM on 23rd January 2007