CPA2Biz Increases Conversions with Scene7 eCatalogs

Self-serve eCatalog solution allows leading e-commerce site for the accounting profession to cost-effectively show book excerpts online

NOVATO, CA – January 23, 2007 - Scene7®, provider of the leading on-demand rich media platform, today announced that CPA2Biz, the exclusive marketing provider of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), is increasing conversion rates by using Scene7 eCatalogs to post page excerpts from its books and manuals.

In a recent email campaign that CPA2Biz sent to more than 7,000 prospects for a popular AICPA publication, the Accountant’s Business Manual, recipients could “test drive” the publication by clicking and viewing actual pages from the publication via Scene7’s eCatalog solution. The clickthrough-to-purchase conversion rate for this campaign was over 13 percent – a significantly higher conversion rate compared to similar campaigns that did not offer page excerpts, and 2.5X higher than the industry average.* Based on this data, CPA2Biz is expected to execute similar campaigns leveraging Scene7 eCatalogs in the near future.

Scene7 offers the only end-to-end eCatalog solution to easily and cost-effectively create an enhanced Web version of existing printed materials – driving multi-channel sales. Scene7 eCatalogs are dynamically assembled, and can be segmented and personalized in real-time via a single command to the server. Scene7 clients benefit from complete implementation flexibility as Scene7’s eCatalog solution is the only solution available as an in-house license, on-demand self-serve and full-service offering.

“Results from our quarterly customer surveys determined that 85 percent of our users would find it useful to be able to purchase from an online version of our print catalogs. Our research shows that CPAs many times prefer the dynamic, easy-to-use format of the Scene7-powered eCatalog over a static PDF version or even a print version of a catalog,” said Melissa Rothchild, vice president of marketing services at CPA2Biz, Inc.

Initially, Scene7’s full-service team created a custom viewer that is ideal for B2B marketers such as CPA2Biz that need to enhance the readability of text-intensive catalogs. CPA2Biz has now moved from Scene7’s full-service eCatalog option to self-serve, which offers the organization the ability to use internal resources to implement Scene7 technology across a variety of products. “With our in-house team using Scene7’s solution, we have the flexibility to create unique, custom campaigns that leverage Scene7 eCatalogs to effectively promote multiple publications and offerings through email and other direct marketing channels,” said Rothchild.

As the leading e-commerce site for the accounting profession, CPA2Biz has more than 250,000 CPAs who use to access articles, online literature, continuing professional education, career resources and a selection of more than 1,000 professional products and services. CPA2Biz manages an extensive direct marketing program designed to drive catalog sales, both online and offline. CPA2Biz will not replace traditional print catalogs and brochures with eCatalogs; rather it plans to use Scene7’s interactive solution to incrementally increase sales and provide value-added content to customers. Examples include:

• Showing page excerpts for publications – e.g., ‘See Inside the Book’
• Expanding the reach of its print catalogs by making available electronic dynamic versions online, which leverages all the intellectual capital and design work that went into the print version
• Offering previews from table of contents for publications so users can easily distinguish between slightly different versions of books and products
• Cost-effectively delivering segmented eCatalogs—a direct marketing capability CPA2Biz was not able to leverage prior with its print mailers

“CPA2Biz’s use of online catalogs demonstrates an innovative method to sell books, manuals, guides, magazines and any other type of printed materials online,” said Doug Mack, CEO of Scene7. “Our eCatalogs allow any organization, whether it is in the B2B or B2C space, to extend its multi-channel reach and leverage print materials online to immediately see a return on investment.”

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CPA2Biz is the exclusive marketing provider of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), and provides marketing and technology services to the AICPA for its wide array of products and services, such as continuing education, conferences and literature. CPA2Biz also develops and manages client-focused business solutions programs (e.g. payroll, banking) that enable CPAs to build stronger relationships with their business clients or employers. For more information, visit

*Email Marketing Benchmarks per Industry, Emailcenter, July 2006.


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Published on: 12:00AM on 23rd January 2007