Ocean Finance is the first company to benefit from PositiveAdServer, a unique agency ad serving solution that improves banner targeting, automatically.

The UK’s leading finance broker for home owner loans, is to make increased us of a new ad serving solution that can automatically improve banner targeting. This follows a successful test campaign in December.

Managed by TBG London, the campaign consists of a number of offers and propositions for loans and mortgages using behavioural targeting. PositiveFeedback will be used to calculate which offer and creative will work best for each viewer, serving back the most relevant banner in real-time.

PositiveAdserver automatically optimises creative rotation using predictive analytics, technology that is widely used in traditional direct marketing but yet to make much impact online. It takes into account over twenty factors, including click-history, before deciding which banner is best to serve the viewer. The result is better targeting, which translates to more click-throughs and conversions. TBG can even see precisely how many additional clicks and applications are being generated by PositiveFeeback in real-time.

Paul Cook, founder of PositiveFeedback said:

“With PositiveFeedback we have developed an automated optimisation engine that allows advertisers to put their data into action. The solution makes it easy for agencies to improve results for their clients and they only pay more for the ad serving if they get more. Self optimisation is a powerful marketing tool that will be used by many more businesses with an online presence as they realises its potential and ROI. The days of random ad rotation are numbered, I’m sure that intelligent banner targeting will become as common as post-click tracking within the next year or two.”

Simon Mansell, Managing Director of TBG London:

“PositiveFeedback’s behavioural targeted ad serving can help us get Ocean more applications for the same budget and as can add real value for our clients. The solution allows campaigns to be optimised to a level that would not be possible manually. It gives us everything we get form existing solutions plus improved targeting. That’s good for us and good for Ocean Finance.”

About PositiveFeedback

PositiveFeedback is a managed service personalisation solution that allows online retailers and advertisers to deploy self-optimising marketing campaigns. The product suite will include applications for product merchandising, affiliate management and a behavioural ad server that is currently in beta.

PositiveFeedback is being developed by Levexis, the company set up in 2004 by former RedEye founder Paul Cook to explore the next generation of applied analytics. Whilst at RedEye, Cook pioneered online advertising as the first company to offer both post-click and post-impression tracking solutions. PositiveFeedback will launch its full suite of tools of personalisation base marketing tools over the next six months.


Published on: 12:00AM on 23rd January 2007