MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, 16th February 2007 – Zeus Technology, a leading provider of award-winning application traffic management software, announced today that its Danish partner, Netic has chosen to implement ZXTM VA (ZXTM Virtual Appliance), in addition to selling it to their own customers. Netic’s IT strategy includes utilizing virtualized environments on Blade servers enabling them to serve the needs of a broad range of our customers. As the only Layer 7 traffic manager available as a virtual appliance, ZXTM VA was precisely what Netic needed.

Netic is a business-to-business ISP, hosting and consultancy company, mainly hosting various mission-critical systems for its clients. Due to this focus, Netic’s customers ordinarily have very distinct and different hosting requirements in terms of availability, performance and security.

“Due to those requirements, we evaluated ZXTM VA and concluded that it will solve most, if not all of our traffic management and application performance challenges,” stated Karsten Thygesen, Systems Architect and Technical Director, Netic A/S. “We have since implemented ZXTM VA in our virtual hosting environment, which is based on a VMware infrastructure running on Blades, and we take advantage of ZXTM VA's excellent clustering facility to provide high availability.”

Implementation of ZXTM VA was very easy and migration of DNS, web services and mail went smoothly and, in fact, due to the powerful functionality of TrafficScript™, it removed most of the complexity of these migration processes. TrafficScript is ZXTM's customization language and enables Netic to define precisely the traffic management logic required for each individual request.

Netic also uses ZXTM VA in front of many of their Java based web servers, where they normally used Apache to do virtual hosting and SSL encryption.

“The transition to ZXTM VA has simplified our setup, while improving performance more than ten-fold. We have also implemented abuse rules to protect our mission-critical systems against denial of service attacks and abuse, and ZXTM VA has proven to be very effective without any impact on ordinary users.”

The monitoring of their systems is now far more efficient as well. Prior to using ZXTM VA, Netic was only doing “red/green” monitoring, but now they have implemented protocol specific health monitoring as well as service level agreement monitoring where they receive alerts if systems become too slow.

Some of Netic’s customers’ websites take advantage of the content caching functionality, which serves popular content directly from memory. Performance and capacity has skyrocketed, while simultaneously the actual load on the real servers is significantly reduced. Netic now uses its resources primarily for providing dynamic content.

As a founding member of the community, Zeus Technology is focused on accelerating the expansion of blade solutions and ZXTM has been certified as a Approved Solution. Previous benchmarks conducted at IBM’s Hursley Labs showed that running ZXTM software on an AMD Opteron-based (LS20) BladeCenter system yielded similar performance, in terms of SSL transactions per second, as the ZXTM 7000 appliance.

Thygesen states; “The ROI has been huge, both due to the increased performance and delayed investment in new servers, but also in terms of manageability. We now have fewer systems to maintain and a single point of view of our traffic. Day-to-day maintenance is also easier as we can now do rolling upgrades during business hours, rather than being forced to carry out extensive work at night. With TrafficScript, many tasks that had significant problems before, are now resolved in a matter of a few minutes.”

Having ZXTM VA inside a virtual environment has proven very effective and requires very few resources, and the built-in clustering makes the entire setup very robust against hardware failures. The load-balancing function is ideal for virtual/dynamic environments where real performance can be hard to predict – ZXTM VA ensures that Netic utilizes its Blades and VMware servers in the best possible way, even with wildly varying loads of traffic.

“Once you have used ZXTM VA, it is difficult to imagine an enterprise infrastructure without them!” concluded Thygesen.

“For Zeus, it is especially meaningful to have a partner with first-hand experience using ZXTM VA,” said Paul Di Leo, CEO of Zeus. “It means that Netic is able to add far more value for their customers with expert knowledge and consultancy on best practices on traffic management both on Blades and even in virtualized environments.”

About Netic A/S
Netic A/S provides professional consultancy services for medium and large scale Unix based systems, network and security. Netic covers all areas of consultancy from project planning/management, system architecture design, scaling, implementation/integration and hosting.

Netic’s key resource is its highly qualified employees, all with long term in depth Unix and network experience and knowledge from large scale installations at various companies. Netic A/S is a privately held consultancy company based in Aalborg.

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The Zeus solutions enable organizations to intelligently manage their applications, streamline operations and provide a seamless end-user experience.

As the only pure software traffic management solution, the Zeus products are flexible whatever your deployment environment; a purpose-built Zeus appliance, standard servers, blades, or even virtualized environments.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 16th February 2007