Live your values – in real time!

Ethics play an ever increasing part in the everyday life whether you are an individual, an organisation, a company or an economy. In the internet-enabled, globalised 21st century, the values we have and the values of the people, companies and organisations we engage with matter more and more to us.

- Consumers, wish to know more about how companies behave. - Companies want to ensure they act out corporate values and are seen to do so. - Pressure groups and lobbying organisations monitor governments and businesses for green, social and ethical behaviour. - Individuals want to express their own values, share their actions and receive feedback from others whose opinions they value.

These trends are strong, growing and an integral part of contemporary society and business. Ethics are central in these interactions, but many people and businesses find ethics ‘soft’, indefinable and immeasurable.

This is now possible with Actics. Actics, short for action and ethics, is the first ever example of an internet-enabled solution that makes it possible to measure ethics and bridge the gap between ethics and action. Actics comprises a software system for anyone to define their values, express their intentions and receive feedback from people. It is the enabling mechanism for individuals, companies and the not-for-profit sector to display their values, demonstrate their intentions and receive feedback from their stakeholders.

Actics exists as a web-based system for universal use, a set of plug-ins for web-sites and a suite of corporate solutions for businesses and the not-for profit sector. It brings a company’s values to live and embed them in the everyday operations. The system also makes it possible to map the actual ethical outlook of a company and its employees and to identify actions and stakeholders that maximize the impact of its values.

By using Actics you can live your values, show your commitment to goals and receive feedback in real-time. Want to know how your local supermarket is acting out its green commitments? Find out how your business is living out its values and what your customers think? Share your passion and commitment with your friends and receive the help and encouragement? Actics makes this possible.
Actics unleashes the value in values. It is here and now. It is the future.

The Actics software can be used free of charge on . Put the Actics Widget on your blog/website/intranet and show your ethical barometer live online. Organisations in all sizes can use Actics as a means of assessing and conveying their ethics and actions to a wide community. Stakeholders, consumers and clients can contribute in this assessment in a straightforward and transparent manner. In that way you get the feedback from those who matter to you and you can adjust your actions accordingly.

Actics Background
Actics was founded by Nicolai Peitersen and has an illustrious history.
From forum meetings in the cross-disciplinary think tank and incubator Kesera, philosophers approached two members, Peitersen and Jens Martin Skibsted, as it had become apparent that the two shared the same, quite unique outlook. Together they felt that there was an urgent need in society for a new ethical system, one that would: (1) demystify ethics and turn it into something tenable. (2) acknowledge the challenges of today rather than hark back to historical philosophers. (3) finally see ethics as a process rather than a set of supposedly absolute standards. Eventually, Actics was presented as a theory of ethics in the Kesera Working Paper Series in 2004
Peitersen continued research and development within the framework of Kesera, and in 2005 Actics was incubated from Kesera and incorporated as an independent legal entity in the U.K. Since then a host of frontier social software developers have been busy preparing the technology for the market. Before even launching, a line of major companies have acquired and shown interest in a private version of the technology for stating, communicating, and monitoring their values and ethics in business.
Nicolai Peitersen, b. 1970, founder & CEO of Actics Ltd. and founder & vice-chairman of Kesera. Previously, Peitersen worked as a Macro Economic Analyst at the investment bank JP. Morgan and at the Danish Central Bank. Peitersen and Actics are based in London.
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Published on: 12:00AM on 8th March 2007