DoubleClick, a leading provider of digital advertising technologies and services, today announced the European launch of DART Adapt for Publishers. DART Adapt is an innovative optimisation solution designed to maximise the performance of online advertising campaigns.

DART Adapt combines sophisticated modelling and adaptive technology to dynamically optimise campaigns enabling publishers to increase the return on investment while helping their advertisers reach campaign objectives. DART Adapt-enabled publishers can enable their advertisers to gain competitive advantage by automatically matching their ads with the audience that will deliver the greatest return for any given campaign goal.

"The launch of DART Adapt marks a milestone in the development of optimisation solutions for online advertising. By building a breakthrough solution that leverages the industry-standard DART platform, DoubleClick is uniquely positioned to provide both publishers and advertisers with the means to getting the best return from their online advertising investments,” said Ben Regensburger, President of DoubleClick International.

DART Adapt has achieved considerable success since its US launch last April. Since the product’s inception, DART Adapt has successfully optimised over 50 billion impressions on behalf of over 1000 advertiser campaigns. In Europe a number of clients are already using DART Adapt, including AdLINK Media and Tomorrow Focus AG. AdLINK Media was one of the first beta clients of DART Adapt and has been using it since late 2004.

Commenting on the new tool, Kenneth Parnham, European Director of Ad Operations, AdLINK Media said: “We are impressed with the DART Adapt solution. From inception all efforts have been made to tailor the solution to meet our specific business needs. The product has delivered significantly greater revenues than we had originally forecast. It means less manual intervention on campaigns.”

Carsten Sander, Head of Ad Technology at Tomorrow Focus AG added "DART Adapt is highly efficient at addressing target groups and, most significantly, it produces quantifiable results - this takes us a step closer to customer satisfaction."

“Optimisation is an important emerging area of the online advertising market, bringing science and algorithms to the medium to help generate the best possible performance. DoubleClick is highly committed to this market segment,” explained David McMurtrie, Optimisation Sales Director, International, who is responsible for launching DART Adapt in Europe.

DART Adapt was developed by leveraging expertise from DoubleClick’s digital advertising and statistical teams. By bringing together this knowledge, DoubleClick has created a solution that combines a deep understanding of the business needs of both advertisers and publishers along with the power of applying traditional marketing statistical practices to optimise campaigns.


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Published on: 12:00AM on 12th March 2007