Automated website testing and benchmarking company, SiteMorse has opened the Pandora’s Box of the online industry by exposing technical errors that occur on company websites.

According to SiteMorse CEO Lawrence Shaw the financial repercussions for online retailers especially, can run into the millions in losses in revenue with the internet now the preferred method of shopping for a large majority of consumers.

“We’ve all experienced the inconvenience and sheer frustration of shopping or researching online and being stopped in your tracks from a website not working properly,’ Shaw says.

“It’s incredibly frustrating, especially if you’re time poor and need to find something quickly. That’s the greatest advantage of the internet, its convenience. Once a website becomes inconvenient, a company loses a customer.

Shaw says the internet is littered with examples of web errors, resulting in companies losing customers just through faulty or inefficient websites.

HMV recently estimated the company could profit approximately £40 million a year more by ensuring its websites can cope with massive downloading demands from its customers. SiteMorse tests websites for ability to meet visitor demand.

“Companies are not only losing in sales from customers. It’s a customer’s trust and confidence that is jeopardized every time they can’t find something they’re looking for. Banks are notorious for this, having pages which appear to be functioning correctly, but ‘done with errors’ appears at the bottom of the screen. It certainly doesn’t leave the most reassuring feeling when making financial transactions.

Shaw said it’s time company CEOs, technical advisors and marketing managers recognized the importance of their web presence as another interface, possibly the most highly frequented, in the public domain.

The bottom line: “Don’t take the word of web suppliers, third parties or even in-house technical advisors as to how your website is performing. Get irrefutable proof. Insist on a comprehensive test and check it for yourself.’

SiteMorse conducts ongoing tests of web performance for British Airways, British American Tobacco, Birmingham Midshires, Britannia, British Land and over 70% of UK local government and numerous central government websites based on functionality, code quality, accessibility, and compliance.

SiteMorse are the leaders in automated website testing against standards endorsed by industry regulators such as W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) which sets compliance standards for the online industry.

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Editor’s Notes

SiteMorse provides companies with a precisely accurate critique of their website tested for functionality, accessibility, compliance and performance. It is unrivalled in its efficiency in automated testing in the web industry, and is the only company in the world to offer web testing to this standard. Companies are presented with a thorough assessment of all areas where its websites are technically flawed.

Established in 2001, SiteMorse is a British, privately-owned company and offers a range of website testing services that require no setup, downloads or technical support to operate. Over 500 local and central government departments, FTSE companies and financial sector clients use SiteMorse services to help them maintain error-free, fully-functioning and compliant websites.

Compliance standards include HTML, eGMS, W3C, WAI accessibility and specific standards laid down by suppliers (such as Adobe’s defined accessibility requirements for PDFs). The company is in its sixth year of working with SOCITM and SiteMorse products are also used by Government Sector Publishing, Blays Netratings and ISPA for website rankings and awards services.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 19th March 2007