New feature in ClickTracks 6.5 shows Key Performance Indicators over time and in context with other analysis

20 March 2007, Santa Cruz, California, USA ---- ClickTracks (, a recognized innovator in the field of web site analytics, recently released version 6.5 of its web analytics software. ClickTracks customers are especially impressed with the new Key Performance Indicators (KPI) report.

Key Performance Indicators are commonly described as ratios or percentages that businesses use to better understand how their business is performing. ClickTracks measures key performance indicators by displaying each performance indicator in a timeline for over a dozen metrics combined with custom labels or group segments.

KPI Gives Agencies, Consultancies Indisputable 'Evidence'
Mike Lieberman, Search Marketing Manager at Ripple Effects Interactive, likes the highly visual and intuitive nature of the KPI report. "We were working with a higher-education client to ramp up their PPC efforts and generate more leads. By using the instant ad-hoc KPI alongside with ClickTracks’ site archiver, we were able to compare the data from when they hired us in May, through October, when we delivered this report," said Lieberman.

"Over the course of 5 months, we had successfully decreased their total PPC cost per month by 62%, cost per click by 45%, while their number of leads increased by 160% and conversion rate by 290%. Because the KPI report is so highly visual and easy to understand, the client immediately got it. ClickTracks 6.5 definitely helps us to qualify the work we do with our clients,” concluded Lieberman.

KPI Report Shows Yearly Trends, Educates Anxious Clients
Craig Geis, Web Analytics Specialist at The Karcher Group, a marketing agency, was able to use the KPI report to educate an anxious customer. "Historically, our client knew that his traffic had a tendency to drop off this time of year but he didn’t know by “how much”. Using the KPI timeline, we were able to take a look at organic, direct and link traffic and review data from the past three years."

"We found out that there was a decrease in traffic, but it wasn't as drastic as it had been over the past two years. Needless to say, the client was 'relieved' to see the trend and we were happy that our own actions had effectively minimized a yearly downturn in his traffic cycle," said Craig.

KPI Makes it Easier to See Data Points in Context
"We tested this feature on one of our largest datasets and found it works instantly," said Stephanie Cota, Director of Analytics at Position2, Inc., a global search engine marketing agency. "This particular client is in the open source software space. The client’s audience is mainly technical developers and managers / directors of IT. One of the most important KPIs we look at is the number of downloads they get across various product lines. Since they are heavily embedded in the open-source community, they get a high volume of traffic and people to their site," Stephanie continued.

"Using ClickTracks 6.5, we created a label that colored the visitors who had downloaded the client’s .NET product and ClickTracks instantly showed us that within one week, they received around 40,000 downloads. We coupled this with other metrics such as which pages were viewed and the average length of time spent on those pages. The KPI Timeline feature makes it a lot easier to visualize a specific data point within a business relevant context," Stephanie concluded.

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ClickTracks represents over 500 UK clients such as the British Museum, Capita IT Services, Department of Health, Friends of the Earth, Phones4U, Experian, London Symphony Orchestra and the University of Southampton.

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ClickTracks was voted 'Best Web Site Analysis Tool' in ClickZ's 2005, 2004 and 2003 Marketing Excellence Awards and was rated "Positive" in Gartner's 2006 MarketScope for Web Analytics. The company received a "Very Good" top rating from the InfoWorld Test Center for its 6.1 product suite, and a Computerworld Innovative Technology award in the Website management category. ClickTracks' software has been reviewed and featured on CNET, ZDNet,, TechRepublic,, CRM Magazine, Media Magazine, MarketingSherpa and

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