On Wednesday, 4 April at the Marriott Hotel in London’s Grosvenor Square, there will be a one-day seminar dedicated to the profound changes the emerging social media - blogs, wikis, podcasts and social networks - are having on the corporate world, and, in particular the media, PR, marketing and legal professions. The conference will feature a diverse array of social media practitioners who will discuss the most successful ways to navigate this influential forum and to participate in, or keep tabs on, the conversation.

Speakers include Microsoft, Yahoo, Six Apart, Waggener Edstrom, Pinsent Masons, Reuters, Time Magazine and Hitwise, to name a few. In its second year, Blogging4Business is organised by journalists Bernhard Warner and Matthew Yeomans.

Please see http://www.retailevents.co.uk/b4b2007/site/index.htm for more conference information and to order tickets. e-Consultancy’s readers qualify for a 15% discount. Please enter discount code “b4b07” to qualify when registering.

Here’s a run-down of what the agenda will cover:

Navigating and understanding social networks

From Flickr to Facebook, YouTube to MySpace, social networks are the hottest thing for the under-35 crowd. This is where viewers call the shots, and it’s where advertisers are investing heavily. But is this cult of amateurism paying off?

Massaging the Message
As Dell, Kryptonite and Wal-Mart can attest, the voice of a few disgruntled consumers can do serious damage. Likewise, a well-placed blog or podcast can prove an effective means to reach passionate consumers/voters/shareholders in an otherwise saturated media environment. But can the PR industry fully adapted to a medium and an audience that places honest, transparent conversation above all else?

Next Generation Market Research - How Companies are Listening and Learning from Social Conversation

The ability to listen to the global conversation and learn from what real people are saying about the brands in their lives is possible simply by tuning in to bloggers. Learn how this next generation of market research can provide new insights into consumer habits and perceptions.

Has Social Media found its perfect home in internal communication?

On the corporate level, social media is increasingly being deployed behind the firewall to great effect. We'll look at the success of specific internal communications strategies that utilize social media.

The risk and opportunities behind social media marketing and advertising

Where do you go to reach that ever-elusive 18-35 demographic? Hundreds of millions of them? Try social networks such as MySpace, which counts over 100 million users. The next generation of corporate communication will not be televised – it will be narrowcasted.

Legal and Ethics of Social Media

Allowing employees and customers to "have their say" on the company blog exposes corporations to a myriad of legal and ethical issues. We’ll navigate the do’s and don’ts any corporation should consider before pressing that “send” button.

Should your company be podcasting?

Quick quiz: on which medium can you broadcast your marketing message to the entire planet for pennies on the pound? Yep, the podcast. Leading podcast practitioners and the companies benefiting from them will take you through the pitfalls and promise of this effective, low-cost medium.

Published on: 12:00AM on 21st March 2007