LONDON - The latest version of has been released in the UK with Content Delivery & Analysis (CDA) providing all the site text above the "library" of expert child-care and antenatal article content.

Pampers’ challenge was to create a new design and interface to encourage exploration of the wide range of services and information on the site, all of which can be tailored to pregnancy stage, or a baby’s age. Paris-based e-marketing agency, Maestro, created the site design, graphics and many new service features, while the deep content has been developed and written by members of the Pampers Institute: an international panel of paediatricians and child development experts.

UK-based CDA, working closely with Maestro, developed the language and style of the interface and navigation texts. As well as reflecting Pampers’ strong brand style, this had to deliver intuitive functionality within the complex site structure and encourage a high rate of user-registration levels and repeat visits.

Guy-Laurent Arpino, Procter & Gamble’s European Interactive Marketing Manager for the BabyCare division, heads the internal team that manages the project. He comments: "The new site needed a consistent language style that expressed the voice of the Pampers brand while providing the critical functional guidance to navigate the site’s very rich store of content. CDA made a big contribution to the final character of the site, ensuring that our users get the best experience from their interaction with Pampers online."

CDA partner, Clare O’Brien, observes: "Pampers are extremely serious about their online presence and their investment in the new web site underlines this. It’s encouraging that such a major brand recognises the critical role that text plays in developing online relationships. The words on the screen are a site owner’s conversational front-line in a medium where the user is in total control. This requires far more than a standard copywriting approach to get it right."

CDA produced all screen texts for the site including all navigation and guidance texts, headings and intros, pop-up dialogues, forms and email validations as well as deeper texts for new services and sections of the site. The new Pampers site can be found at:

CDA was founded by journalist Anne Caborn and marketing communications expert Clare O’Brien in 2003. Details can be found at:


For further information contact: Clare O’Brien on 020 8948 4562

Anne Caborn on 01273541535

Published on: 12:00AM on 4th March 2004