Interactive communications agency Fhlame launches high-traffic online campaign to announce ultra-portable device…

All too often product launches aimed primarily at a business audience rely on tried and tested online marketing approaches.

However, interactive communications agency Fhlame has shown that viral marketing techniques can deliver significant results, regardless of the target audience.

Fhlame’s viral marketing campaign for HTC, the world’s leading provider of Microsoft based PDAs and smartphones, to launch the new HTC Advantage x7500 ultra-portable has already resulted in significant traffic to the launch microsite (

Chris Autry, Fhlame’s Managing Director, says: “Within two days of putting the site live, we had already seen a lot of traffic from the forums and blogs covering new technology. The launch of the Advantage was always going to create a lot of noise online because the ultra-portable is a completely new product sector, but we also wanted to take that launch out of a technology context.

Reaching a different demographic
“So we created a series of short films with memorable content featuring the DoS Clan that we posted to sites such as YouTube to introduce the Advantage to a different demographic. Reaching beyond the traditional online B2B channels has led to buzz and interest in HTC’s latest product launch. For example, the films had been viewed some 20,000 times by the time the HTC Advantage microsite went live.”

By creating the initial online buzz around the launch of the HTC Advantage – and relying solely on technology forums and blogs to provide inbound links to the microsite, Fhlame initiated a successful and cost-effective online launch.

Maximise investment
“We knew that the launch of a new product sector was always going to generate a lot of interest online, and this inspired us to look at ways for HTC to realise the maximum benefits from their investment,” says Chris. “Our creative content has inspired the online community to post fresh content regularly about the HTC Advantage and that has promoted positive search engine visibility and visitor traffic.

“For example, we had over 15,000 unique visitors in the three days following the official launch of the HTC Advantage microsite without any traditional online activities to accompany that launch. What’s more, the search engines themselves weren’t major contributors to that traffic – even the mighty referred just 230 visitors to the site in the same period!”

Importance of blogs and forums
In the lead up to the launch, Fhlame had created a holding page which was found and linked to by the forums and blogs. In the two weeks before launch, the microsite was running at an average of 475 unique visitors per day – all visiting via links on blogs (weblogs) and forums.

“What this has shown to us is the huge importance of these complementary online channels – without them, it would have been hard to generate the level of excitement and traffic that we’ve seen,” says Chris. “Before launch we were seeing quite a lot of activity on the holding page for the microsite, but in the three days after launch, the average daily unique visitor count increased 1050% - a massive increase.”

About Fhlame
Fhlame is a leading interactive communications agency based in London. It specialises in combining cutting-edge technology with deep understanding of its clients’ businesses to deliver effective, immersive and measurable online experiences. Fhlame works with clients across a broad range of industry verticals, offering services from consulting and strategy to design and build.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 27th February 2007