Creston Plc, the UK’s fastest growing publicly quoted marketing services group is launching ‘Sway®’, a unique new online service which enables businesses and organisations to monitor and measure consumer generated media (CGM) content about their brands, products or services. It can identify both positive and negative content across blogs, forums, social networks and product/service reviews. Once analysed, a range of appropriate strategies can be put in place. For example, to reduce the impact of negative online influencers, or to proactively engage with neutrals to turn them into brand advocates.

Sway’s® launch is against a background of nearly 50 million new blogs being created globally every day and new findings from Creston owned research agency, ICM, showing that consumers are three times more likely to look for opinions on products and services online than they are to ask friends and family. This highlights the need for businesses and organisations to understand what this increasingly powerful community of consumers is saying about them online. Whilst it’s already possible to monitor blogs and forums, there is currently no service that monitors social networks and reviews in the way that Sway® does. But equally as important, before Sway®‘s launch, no service has been able to identify and implement communications strategies to address the issues that consumers are talking about online.

As Don Elgie, CEO of Creston comments, “With Sway®, we are bringing together technology, research and communications skills from across the whole Creston group to create a unique end-to-end solution which for the first time gives brands the opportunity to keep their finger on the consumer’s pulse. But more importantly, to implement appropriate tactical and strategic initiatives so that they can influence the influencers.”

One of the key elements of Sway® is the creation of a Digital Influence Map which provides clients with a quick, yet inexpensive way of tapping into consumer insight by identifying what consumers are saying about brands across the whole CGM space.

In addition, there are four key ways in which Sway® helps brands to understand CGM and drive behavioural change:

Monitoring: By monitoring CGM, it’s possible to track and interpret messages to understand how the brand is perceived and then adapt communications to change attitudes and behaviour. Valuable insight can also be gained into potential competitor threats, changing industry trends and customer preferences. In addition, emerging trends can be tracked to identify those, which have greatest consumer saliency.

Measurement: Sway® provides quantitative data on the specific issues and consumer buzz driving CGM online, making it easier to identify the potential impact of appropriate PR and marketing activity.

Discovery: Sway® provides visibility on what influences are driving internet discussions and by measuring emerging trends, making it possible to identify ideas for new products, as well as opportunities to improve existing ones.

Engagement: With the insight and data that Sway® provides, better informed decisions can be made to improve engagement with customers and prospects. For example, by actively engaging in conversations that are being discussed through specific marketing activities or by working with customers to build and enhance the brand experience together.

The launch of Sway® is being spearheaded by Nicholas Jeffery who previously headed up BuzzMetrics in the UK.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 6th March 2007