New session on March 28th will provide University Webmasters with a range of best practise ideas to help reduce web production costs, harmonise publishing processes and deliver valuable new services to users

Squiz today announced that it will be hosting a new ‘best practices’ open source CMS seminar for University Webmasters at Oxford’s world famous debating society on Wednesday, March 28th. The session – which is FREE and open to all Web Professionals working in the UK Education sector - will include presentations from Oxford University and University of Greenwich on key subjects such as ‘creating order from anarchy’ in a multi-site environment, as well as talks from Squiz on why following an open source software makes such sense in Education.

As such, the seminar agenda will include...

- ‘Best practise’ presentations from Oxford University and University of Greenwich on how to do web content management more effectively (ie, real-world opinions on how to do it quicker and better, direct from University contemporaries)

- Squiz presentations on the relative merits of different styles of web site management (ie, a vendor-led view on how to improve University site production)

- An overview of the benefits of following an open source software strategy (plus a free Squiz white paper on this complex subject)

- An in-depth demonstration of Squiz’s market-leading open source CMS, MySource Matrix (see:

- A number of opportunities to network with Webmasters and Web Professionals from other UK Universities

Attendance, like Squiz’s open source CMS, is FREE, and people wishing to attend may register via Squiz’s website, at:

The event will take place on the morning of March 28th in the Gladstone Room at Oxford Union’s world famous Debating Society, further details on which may be found via: (another example of a successful Squiz/MySource Matrix web site!).

Full event details may be found at:

About Squiz

Squiz helps some of the UK’s leading universities to gain more control of their web sites and intranets. For example, Oxford and the University of Greenwich both use Squiz’s MySource Matrix Content Management System to manage their online production processes. In doing so they’re saving money, improving the services they’re delivering to users, and gaining more control of their web development. We develop MySource Matrix as an open source product and then provides support services around it to help our clients get more value from their web spend. We’re kind of like the Red Hat of the CMS world. Our approach is successful because of the strength of our CMS and our experience in diverse fields. We’re also cost-effective because being open source, MySource Matrix costs nothing to acquire or use.

Contact: Roger Warner at rwarner[AT];

Published on: 12:00AM on 7th March 2007