Amsterdam, 20 April 2007 - Nedstat announces the release of Stream Sense(tm), the most accurate and comprehensive online video analytics application on the market. New ground breaking reports answer critical questions about video stream usage including click behaviour during advertising messages. Stream Sense(tm) draws its data from the visitor's browser allowing for a seamless integration with Sitestat website analytics.

Stream Sense(tm) has been developed for publishers of online streaming content. Powerful, real-time analytics report on visitor behaviour during video or audio streams whether on demand, progressive download or live and regardless of where the streams are hosted. Detailed insight is provided about how visitors interact with online video advertisements. For instance, users can determine the ideal length of an advertising message and the most profitable place for a message within a program.

The video analytics application seamlessly integrates with Sitestat website analytics allowing for additional in-depth reporting before and after the stream interaction. Users can see how visitors arrived at the website and how they navigated across the site before watching the video or if they converted by signing up or buying something.

Stream Sense(tm) supports Windows Media Player and RealPlayer. Via an open API, any other player like Flash or custom video players can also be supported. The application is extremely easy to use and understand, using familiar terms like playlists, programs and episodes.

"Online video is everywhere today", says Michiel Berger, Head of Innovation at Nedstat, "and publishers need to have a single view of how visitors interact with both site and video content. When developing Stream Sense(tm) we worked together with some of the leading media companies and the end result can certainly also be credited to their input."

Bas Buesink, Audience Research Consultant at Netherlands Public Broadcasting (NPO), has followed the development closely: "The Stream Sense(tm) reports give us a profound insight into the viewing behaviour of our audience. We can now actually see what viewers watch, when they watch it and for how long. This is crucial information in the process of tuning our content portfolio to the needs of our audience."

Stream Sense(tm) is available to all Sitestat users from today. The measurements are browser-based and no downloads or plug-ins are required.

About Nedstat

Nedstat is the European leader in website analytics.

The Nedstat products and services enable users to improve the effectiveness and profitability of their online communication and business. Nedstat aims to make website analytics straightforward and accessible. Therefore, products are easy to use, reports are clear and fast to access and support is personal and high quality.

Nedstat employs 140 people in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The client list includes several renowned and internationally operating organizations like ASICS Europe, Danone, Electrabel, Ernst & Young, KarstadtQuelle, Renault, Panasonic and Wolters Kluwer. Also, numerous government and not-for-profit organizations have benefited from Nedstat's expertise in delivering reports on users' behaviour online.

Nedstat has received a number of awards, including having been placed on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA for 6 consecutive years. Key accreditations by Europe's leading independent web-standards organizations, such as ABC electronic and OJD, ensure that customers' metrics are in full compliance with leading industry standards.

For more information, please contact: Nedstat B.V., Michael Kinsbergen, telephone +31 (0)20 519 54 01, e-mail

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Published on: 12:00AM on 20th April 2007