Recent research by Compass Management Consulting that shows that the majority of companies would have saved more money if they hadn’t outsourced IT operations ( demonstrates the need for better management of outsourcing contracts.

This is the view of interaction management software provider Exony (, whose own research found that UK companies are wasting £55 million every year through poor management of outsourced contact centre providers alone. Contract savings of 4.5 cent could be easily attained through improvements to resource administration, more accurate forecasting and using management information to ensure that service level agreements (SLAs) are met and optimum billing methods are in place.

“Managed correctly, outsourcing delivers on its promises by providing the agility and skills to achieve both cost savings and improved customer service,” commented Ian Ashby, CEO, Exony. “However this latest Compass research backs up our own data – too many organisations simply outsource operations such as contact centres without putting the correct management framework in place to control their partners. Outsourcing the work doesn’t remove the need to manage – in fact it makes it even more vital than ever. Being unable to see what your outsourcers are doing is the equivalent of handing them your keys and letting them into your office unsupervised – negating the potential benefits outsourcing brings.”

The full Exony research is available as a downloadable white paper at

About Exony
Exony is the leading provider of interaction management software for virtualised customer contact operations. Exony Virtualized Interaction ManagerTM (VIM) enables operators of virtual contact centres to measure customer interaction experience, efficiency and effectiveness and manage available resources through making immediate tactical or planned strategic changes.

Built on Exony’s experience and understanding of virtualised customer interaction, VIM incorporates both the next generation of Exony Reporting and Analytics and the new Resource Management capability for controlling virtual contact centre customer service teams and infrastructure, all within the proven Exony Virtualization Framework for security, partitioning and user interaction.

Exony Virtualized Interaction Manager empowers virtualised customer contact operations for organisations across Europe and North America including Alliance & Leicester, BT, Cable & Wireless, France Telecom, HBOS, HSBC, La Poste, Microsoft, National Australia Group, Nectar, ntl:Telewest, Transport for London, UK Home Office, Verizon, Virgin Trains and Vodafone.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 24th April 2007