Following hot on the heels on the release of Vertical Leap’s Broken Link Finder and Site Relevancy Tools is a new Geographical Location Tool that automatically confirms the location of a website at a click of a mouse. The new tool is another free service from Vertical Leap and can be sampled at

The physical location of a website along with its domain name can have a large bearing on the optimisation of a site and how well it ranks in regional search engines like and consequently, the levels of traffic pulled to the site.

Broadly speaking, UK regional search engines will assign more relevancy to a UK suffixed website, but the site’s physical location can also have a bearing on where the site appears in the site results.

Problems often occur when a .com website is hosted abroad and when search engines assume the website belongs to that country, or is American, compromising its visibility in UK search results.

Matt Hopkins, Vertical Leap’s Managing Director comments: “This happens a lot. There are plenty of Internet Service Providers all over the world who resell web hosting, but where those servers are actually located is very often not considered at all. Some of our clients have been surprised when they discover where their website is actually hosted.”

The new Geographical Location Tool adds to Vertical Leap’s range of innovative and simple-to-use armoury of checks in verifying the architecture and standing of a website to ensure that it can reap maximum benefits from a Fully Managed Search Engine Marketing Campaign.

“Checking the ‘Geolocation’ of a website is a regular part of the Process Plan at Vertical Leap,” says Matt, “but again, we have decided to release this part of the technology from Apollo (Vertical Leap’s own campaign management system) as a useful tool for those considering the benefits of optimizing their site.”

Notes: Vertical Leap is a leading search engine marketing company, providing its clients with a fully managed and comprehensive ‘campaign’ to improve ranking results and website performance by actively promoting visits from motivated sales prospects at an all-inclusive, fixed cost. Vertical Leap is committed to providing unrivalled search intelligence to enhance that service with is own proprietary technology, Apollo, the ultimate campaign management system delivering informed data in real time to maximise Return on Investment. Vertical Leap has offices in the UK, USA and Australia.


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Published on: 12:00AM on 25th April 2007