Investment will be used to accelerate penetration in new markets and continue development

LONDON – Celebros Inc. announced today it closed a successful investment round of $3M from existing investors. The funds are earmarked for accelerating marketing and sales activities in the US and Europe and advancing R&D projects.

Celebros search leads worldwide
In 2006 Celebros’s customer base increased by 80%. At the close of Q4 2006, the company’s search and navigation solution was live at 180 online shopping sites around the world, strengthening Celebros’s position as the leading international search and navigation provider.

Online retailers such as Reader’s Digest and Nick Shop in the UK, Avon and in the US, Karstadt and T-Online in Germany, Conforama and RedCats in France, TiendaPC and Miliwatts in Spain are among Celebros’s valued customers.

During 2006 interest in the company’s solution grew steadily in the US and European markets. With the funds received, Celebros will be able to more rapidly serve the growing number of customers in its markets in the fullest manner.

At the same time, Celebros will also be investing in R&D with upgrades and innovative features that make the online search and shopping experience even closer to that of shopping in a bricks and mortar store.

Celebros’s self-learning search and navigation are at the core of a full service solution that makes a measurable difference to online retailers’ bottom line. Its components include Analytics, Traffic Builder and services such as Managed Services and Gift Finder.

Celebros VP Marketing Tal Rubenczyk said, “Our investors’ continued support is matched by our customers’ trust in the effectiveness of our solution. We believe that our search and navigation does the best job in truly meeting the needs of online stores and their customers and is responsible for leading to better businesses.”

About Celebros
Celebros ( is the leading international provider of self-learning search and navigation solution for online shops. Through rewarding online search and navigation, Celebros solutions increase sales at e-commerce sites worldwide such as Avon, Figleaves, T-Online, Karstadt, Redcats and more. The company has offices in London, Paris, Munich and Santa Barbara, CA.

Simon Peirson
UK Sales Manager
Tel: 0870 366 5274

Published on: 12:00AM on 28th March 2007