Celebros analyses shops’ onsite search according to seven parameters crucial to online sales

LONDON – The majority of online retailers do not realize the type of shopping experience their shoppers are having. Unfortunately, the quality of the experience often ranges from fair to poor. Why? Due to the sales help. Or, in other words, due to the search function in the shop which frequently does not succeed in accurately presenting shoppers with the results they want.

To make online shops aware of the impact their search has on their shoppers, conversion rates, and sales, Celebros is now offering free onsite search analysis available from the www.celebros.co.uk home page. By completing a simple form, online shops can request an evaluation and receive the results within five business days. Celebros will provide e-commerce sites with a succinct report that examines the efficiency of their onsite search according to seven parameters crucial to successful online sales and receive a grade along with an explanation of the influence the efficacy of their search has on sales.

Because the point of search is to lead to sales, Celebros is emphasizing how critical this capability is. Stressing this further, Tal Rubenczyk, Celebros VP Marketing, said, “Online shopping should approximate, as closely as possible, shopping in a bricks and mortar store where the salespeople understand what shoppers want and locate it for them quickly and efficiently. And, as in a good bricks and mortar, even when a purchase is not made, shoppers still come away knowing the service is professional, and this will bring them back at another time.”

In providing onsite search and navigation for online shops around the globe, Celebros’s Qwiser™ Salesperson Self-Learning Search and Navigation, brings to the table advanced proprietary technology together with knowledge of online retail culled from years of experience and interaction with its many customers – online shops in a variety of domains. A particular highlight of the solution is the search results it returns for any and all queries, which combine accuracy with popularity, making it more likely that shoppers will be seeing the items they want to buy at the top of the results page – a prime example of search that leads to sales.

About Celebros
Celebros (www.celebros.co.uk) is the leading international provider of self-learning search and navigation for e-commerce sites. Through rewarding online search and navigation, Celebros solutions increase sales at e-commerce sites worldwide such as Avon, Figleaves, T-Online, Karstadt, Redcats and more. The company has offices in London, Paris, Munich and Santa Barbara, CA.

Simon Peirson
UK Sales Manager
Tel: 0870 366 5274
E-mail: speirson@celebros.com

Published on: 12:00AM on 11th April 2007