StrategicFusion warns on perils of ignoring the marketing mavericks

Strategic brand, marketing and communications advisor StrategicFusion has urged organisations to think beyond 'play it safe' strategies and actively encourage its dynamic and innovative senior marketing professionals. The warning comes as the explosion of private equity investment takeovers results in marketing departments being slashed in the drive for cost savings.

StrategicFusion observes that forcing out entrepreneurial marketing directors has dangerous longterm effects for the business. As part of the increasing culture that suppresses fresh thinking and creative strategies in favour of repeating the same activities again, it leads to a bland and uninspiring marketing landscape with no-one to develop ground-breaking ideas and concepts. In losing their natural innovators, organisations are also deprived of people who think differently, challenge widely-held beliefs and perceptions and are therefore catalysts for change.

Stephen Rogers, managing director of StrategicFusion, explains: “When belts are tightened there is a great tendency to continue doing what already works and not rock the boat. This requires staff who 'tow-the-line' and conform without asking questions – but excludes any mavericks, who are either casualties of downsizing or leave out of personal frustration. But these are the very people who have the potential to make organisations truly stand out from their competitors. They are also a driving force behind the overall shaping of the relevant industry. Far from being spurned, they should be welcomed for their essential contribution to the group dynamic.”

StrategicFusion believes organisations' ultimate survival will be down to their ability to continually innovate. This process demands that they re-engage with the mavericks and original innovative thinkers and ensure that these people have an active role in the strategic development of the business.


* phrase evangelised by Jerry Sternin, former dean of Harvard Business School and now director of the Positive Deviance Initiative, following his work in Vietnam with Save the Children.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 29th March 2007