Conchango, the Web 2.0 and e-commerce consultancy has announced the launch of its unique next generation Web 2.0 digital e-commerce platform for medium to large sized retailers. The e-commerce platform allows Conchango to build dynamic websites for retailers who want to be flexible with their online content, keep consumers engaged and offer up to date product lines and information. High profile retail clients are being launched later this year on this platform.

Many large vendors are still using off-the-shelf e-commerce solutions, but aside from escalating running costs, these offer little flexibility, scalability, standard features and bespoke user interface customisation. The e-commerce platform rewards and referral functions give retailers ready access into emerging social shopping trends. Add to this powerful search, and other out of the box features such as “product recommendations”, “now in stock notifications”, “one click purchasing”, “save for later basket” delivering an eCommerce platform that’s fit for the future of Web 2.0.

Typically, enterprise-class websites can require a team of four to six people to continually update and upload new product lines, taking up to 24 hours to go live on the site. With its enhanced content and product management system, sites will only need one person to maintain it and will take only 60 minutes to upload a new product as the system fully integrates into back office systems such as SAP and Retek.

Mike Altendorf, CEO of Conchango says, “Retailer’s websites are becoming more sophisticated, online product catalogues are growing and consumers are expecting products to be available the minute they hear about them. When consumers see a dress at the Oscars demand for that product is going to go through the roof. For retailers to capitalise on that they need to strike while the iron is hot. That is why having a website that allows them to get that product online in hours rather than days is indispensable to their business. Consumers expect retail to be real-time and fully integrated across channels – its business on their terms or not at all.”

For more information on Conchango's e-commerce platform please contact or T | 0207 261 4484

Published on: 12:00AM on 29th March 2007