Third Light and Ether-Ray Announce Product Partnership

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Background Information

Ether-Ray Ltd are the London-based creators of NewsFlash, a highly acclaimed public relations tool. It is used by many public sector organisations in Great Britain, to manage communications and to interact with the press.

Third Light is a specialist software business developing Image Management System (IMS), a self-contained software product for businesses, photographers, event managers and image libraries, that allows images, video and documents to be managed and stored, displayed and shared using the web.

Product Partnership Announcement

Third Light are delighted to announce a product partnership with Ether-Ray to jointly deliver an even more impressive solution: a combined PR and Image Library System, completely integrated with carefully matched features. Designed to solve the combined challenges of textual and photo communications, the new system is the result of over 12 months of development and planning.

"Partnering with Ether-Ray establishes Third Light as the most natural choice of image library software for marketing and communications departments. It brings two key functions together, under a single system."

"UK councils and public sector organisations that use NewsFlash are well-placed to take a simple upgrade path and enjoy the full benefits of our complete image library product. The innovative features of IMS have long been hailed as an ideal solution to central management of visual assets, and we have taken care to provide just the right balance of ease-of-use and flexibility."

"We are pleased to offer carefully packaged pricing models for public sector buyers, helping clients make the most of our joint solution. From 1 June 2007 onwards we are taking orders for full IMS deployments with NewsFlash fully integrated."

Roland Henry
Commercial Director, Third Light Ltd.

Among other benefits, the new IMS service in NewsFlash ensures that emails do not have to carry high-resolution attachments, by using a unique "pick up page" function that is built specifically to support journalists.

Third Light offers tailored upgrade opportunities to public sector users of NewsFlash. To speak to our business development team, please contact us by emailing

Published on: 12:00AM on 16th May 2007