A business ‘dating service’ is being introduced to the £2bn Affiliate Marketing sector as part of a major revamp of a4uforum, the UK’s No. 1 portal for Affiliate Marketing in the UK, to become a social networking site for the industry.

The new service, which will profile match businesses and suggest partners for both Merchants and Affiliates, is one of the unique new features to be found on the new affiliates4u ( www.affiliates4u.com ) website which has been created to support the many relationships found within this dynamic sector.

Matthew Wood, managing director of affiliates4u and founder of the original a4uforum, says: “Affiliate Marketing is all about relationships and the new site has therefore been developed to help facilitate these relationships still further.

“a4uforum already has 14,000 members and is viewed by many as an unbiased source of knowledge and support. We are hoping that the new, improved site will expand on this offering to serve as a very useful and effective tool for everyone working in and around the Affiliate Marketing industry.”

Visitors to the new site are able to build a network of friends and colleagues, create communities for vertical sectors as well as access news & features that may be relevant to their working relationships.

The a4uforum networking forum remains a key part of the new offering, however the new site also features Expert Bloggers, on topics such as Paid Search and SEO, as well as a Merchant and Affiliate University which is populated with advice on best practice and starting up as either an Affiliate or Merchant – representing a first port of call for anyone new to the sector.

In another unique twist, members within the community are able to add their own Blog to the Aggregator, and have the ability to ‘back’ or ‘slap’ other posts, enabling the community to vote on what is worth reading or not, and thus break through the noise of a more traditional forum offering.

In addition, visitors have the opportunity to create an event and invite members to join, plus there is a press release distribution service & suppliers directory.

In true web 2.0 fashion, members are also able to express their thoughts to the Affiliate Marketing community, through thought bubbles. These fun and unobtrusive message devices will be available to anyone who wants to transmit a specific marketing message or simply wants to tell the rest of the community how they are feeling!


May 17, 2007

For further information, please contact:
Julie York, FYA Ltd - Tel: 01208 851982, Mob: 07774 207870 or Email: julie@fyassoc.co.uk
Matthew Wood: www.existem.com - Tel: 01179 723998

Published on: 12:00AM on 17th May 2007