Utarget study gauges consumer behaviour online

• UK consumers spend twice as much time online browsing for entertainment purposes than engaged in task-orientated activities
• Gap between entertainment browsing and task behaviour predicted to increase by further 25% next year
• Online video consumption decreases on sliding scale with age, from 10% of all time spent online for 18-24 year olds to only 1% for 55+
• UK consumers now spend 3.5 hours per day online

A YouGov study, commissioned by Utarget Networks, today reveals that the overwhelming majority of UK Internet users are open to pre-roll online video advertising, so long as it does not extend past 15 seconds in length.

“Used to the trade off of advertising being slotted around free content on TV, UK consumers are resoundingly open to pre-roll online video advertising,” says Phil Cooper, Utarget CEO.

UK Internet users now spend almost half of their time online (49%) browsing for purely entertainment purposes. 73% estimate this increasing by 25% or more over the next year.

“A huge amount of time online is now being spent doing the equivalent to TV channel hopping – where the consumer is surfing with an open mind, actively looking for new experiences and stimulation,” continues Phil Cooper. “This is completely different to the task-orientated behaviour that search marketing closely targets.”

“Online video advertising offers a powerful means for brands to engage with this captive audience. Pre-roll is a natural mechanism by which this can be delivered in a contextually relevant manner.”

The Utarget study highlights the current demographic split for those watching video content online. Those aged 18-24 spend over 10% of their time online watching video, this drops to 7% for 25-34, 4% for 35-44, 3% for 45-54 and 1% for 55+. Online video consumption is also affected by levels of Internet usage. Heavy Internet users (5+ hours per day) spend over twice as much of their total time online watching video.

“These figures highlight the impact user-generated content has had on driving video content online, with sites such as YouTube proving extremely popular with young, savvy Internet users,” adds Phil Cooper. “However, with professionally produced video content now increasing online, covering almost every topic and interest, viewing video on the web will quickly extend across the UK online population.”

Utarget Networks has recently launched an online video advertising pre-roll network. This is in addition to UtargetTV, the UK’s first online video advertising network which delivers video adverts across Utarget’s established subsite network. Since its launch last year UtargetTV has delivered more than seven million online video advertisements.


Editor’s notes

About the research
Research was commissioned by Utarget Limited and conducted online by YouGov in February 2007. Results are based on responses from 2,095 GB adults.

About Utarget Ltd
Founded in 2001, Utarget Ltd is a major UK online advertising and publishing company. It comprises Utarget Networks, one of the UK’s leading online advertising networks (No 4 in NMA Marketing Services Guide 2006) and the market leader in online video advertising; and Utarget Media, a major publisher of websites in key consumer sectors.

In 2007 Utarget Ltd received investment from Foresight, a leading media Venture Capital fund.

Utarget Networks
Utarget Networks offers major advertisers a range of online advertising solutions which combine high impact, wide reach and precision targeting. The Utarget Network consists of 630+ quality UK websites which reaches 17+ million unique users a month across 20+ consumer channels.

In June 2006 Utarget launched UtargetTV the UK’s first online video advertising network and which since then has delivered 7+ million video adverts. The company has just launched a new network for pre-roll video adverts.

UTcontextual is Utarget’s keyword-based advertising product which can reach 5.5+ million opted-in UK users based on these users’ online searches

Utarget Networks has delivered campaigns for FT.com, Dell, Dixons, BUPA, Carphone Warehouse, BA, Norwich Union, AOL and Royal Mail through major agencies such as Diffiniti, Initiative, Harvest, Mediavest, Quantum, Carat, Zed and Agency.com.

In 2006 Utarget Networks opened an office in Hamburg to cover the German market.


Utarget Media
Utarget Media develops and manages a select group of high quality consumer websites which offer a range of premium targeted online advertising opportunities. The Utarget Media portfolio currently consists of 50connect.com, the most popular UK website for the over-‘50s market; TravelConnect, FinanceDaily, KeeptheDoctorAway, and Urban Planet.




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Published on: 12:00AM on 17th May 2007