Communicator Corp is pleased to offer trusted Goodmail CertifiedEmail to Communicator® clients for increased confidence in the delivery of email communications.

Goodmail's CertifiedEmail has been available in North America since May 2006 and enables a premium class of trusted email that assures consumer recipients of a message's authenticity and a sender's legitimacy, while providing qualifying commercial and non-profit senders with trusted-class privileges. Today, Goodmail launch their CertifiedEmail Service in the UK.

CertifiedEmail is accepted at leading ISPs and mailbox providers, initially AOL and Yahoo! in the UK, who specially process incoming CertifiedEmail, checking for the secure tokens indicating an email is authentic and from a legitimate, trusted sender. CertifiedEmail is presented to email users with a unique blue-ribbon envelope icon indicating trusted status, providing an additional layer of protection to customers from email scams such as phishing.

ISPs and mailbox providers increasingly disable links and images on default as a security measure, impacting email program effectiveness, since consumers do not see the email's contents. CertifiedEmail messages, however, since they are trusted email messages from accredited legitimate senders, are automatically rendered intact.

To join Goodmail's accredition scheme Email senders must meet and continue to meet the stringent best practice standards which protect the trust and integrity of the emails guaranteed by the CertifiedEmail icon.

"Delivery assurance and reputation is critical," said Chris Wilds, Managing Director of Communicator Corp. "An evolving marketplace such as ours requires innovative and dependable services such as CertifiedEmail. This will provide our clients with further confidence when delivering relevant, personalised and now "certified and trusted" communications. It will protect Communicator Corp clients' brand integrity, provide an increased level of trust via the authentication and differentiate their communications from regular email messages."

Goodmail CEO and co-founder Richard Gingras adds "By specially marking known good messages as safe, CertifiedEmail restores trust to customer email communications. We're very pleased to begin our international expansion with the UK market."

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About Goodmail Systems
Goodmail created and markets CertifiedEmail, a unique trusted-class of email, to provide a safe and reliable means for consumers to identify authentic messages from legitimate volume senders. The CertifiedEmail service is the only system of its kind that assures delivery of opt-in email with all links and images automatically rendered intact. Developed to restore trust between volume senders and individuals, CertifiedEmail imprints messages with cryptographically secure tokens that certify email authenticity and legitimacy. Available only to senders meeting strict standards for best email practices and low complaint rates, CertifiedEmail messages are presented to users with a unique blue-ribbon icon, providing a measure of security against phishing. Recent case study data from the largest email marketers and financial senders show click-through rates and email business results (logins, sales) improved by up to 35 percent when using CertifiedEmail. CertifiedEmail is supported by leading mailbox providers such as AOL and Yahoo! as well as a wide network of industry leading email platforms, security solutions, and email service providers. For more information, please visit

About Communicator Corp
Communicator Corp is a leading Email and Mobile Service Provider,dedicated to providing exceptional service, expertise and technology. Communicator Corp enables clients to send sophisticated, targeted and relevant communications through the intuitive email and mobile marketing application Communicator®.
Communicator Corp has relocated to the prestigious Rainton Bridge Business Park to help facilitate the next planned phase of Communicator Corp's development and expansion following a very successful 2006.
Communicator Corp's team of experienced Digital Marketing Consultants offer proactive consultancy to ensure our clients achieve optimum results from their email marketing programs and the constantly evolving technology, Communicator®. Communicator® facilitates client's email and mobile communication campaigns by offering advanced features and services such as dynamic content, integration with CRM and web analytics packages, triggered and automated campaigns, behavioural targeting and real time intelligent reporting.
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Published on: 12:00AM on 17th May 2007