Avis and Web Liquid recently unveiled the blog wetryharder.co.uk, further embracing online technology to better serve customers.

Wetryharder.co.uk is a major component of Avis’ successful effort to reinvigorate the “we Try Harder” proposition and evolve the company’s honest and open approach to customer service. Web Liquid has been managing the consumer generated content research and marketing program for Avis for nearly two years; Wetryharder.co.uk is the latest manifestation, taking advantage of vast consumer insights provided by the research.

Avis uses the blog to pass on useful tips to leisure and business travelers and allows customers to share their own experiences, give feedback and ask questions. Customer response so far has been great, for example:

“So there you have it, Avis UK really does want your feedback. Not only that they seem to act on it too.” Noted one visitor on their blog http://www.thecooler.info/travel/457.html

“The blog is a project that we are really excited about and we are looking forward to hearing from our customers. Blogging is the future and it is important that we offer our customers the most technologically advanced ways to share information and ask questions,” says Daniel McCarthy, Commercial Director, Avis UK. “We’ve been reading some of what customers have to say about car hire on other blog sites and felt that it was our duty to offer them this online community site.”

“Online marketing is evolving towards more customer service oriented programs leveraging technology to better understand and address customer priorities, with this program and the wetryharder.co.uk blog Avis is at the forefront of this evolution.” Said Matt Cronin, Founding Partner of Web Liquid.


Web Liquid
Matthew C. Cronin
Founding Partner

Avis UK
Robert White
Marketing Intelligence

Published on: 12:00AM on 17th May 2007