One-to-one marketing in store and using mobile phones

In the latest mobile voucher scheme at Martin McColl newsagents and convenience stores, selected customers were invited to trial the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday for two weeks and save up to 55%.

In 43 specially selected stores across Oxford, Birmingham and Reading, customers buying a competitor title or not buying a newspaper at all were given a leaflet inviting them to send a text message to receive text message voucher, direct to their mobile phone. The voucher was then validated in real-time using the mobile phone top-up and payment terminal.

Neil Jagger, UK Consumer Sales Director at Mail Newspapers, commented: "We were keen to embrace this new technology, due to the high penetration of mobile phone ownership and the ability to promote the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday with an attractive offer and a convenient mechanic. Martin McColls staff have tried and tested the technology with success so they were the natural retail choice."

David Prince, News Account Manager at Martin McColl said: “Our customers value convenience and exclusive offers. The mobile phone is something people rarely leave home without and will usually have it with them when they visit our stores. This encourages them to take advantage of offers like this.”

Of the readers who took part in the promotion, 68.10% used the voucher at least once with an overall 35.61% redemption rate. At about six-times the results of a typical equivalent paper campaign this is further evidence that readers value the convenience of i-movo digital vouchers distributed to mobile phones, a value that has a dramatic impact on campaign performance and the associated Return on Investment.

This is the latest project to go live using i-movo’s secure digital voucher system and again i-movo has teamed up with e-pay to use the network of terminals e-pay has installed in all Martin McColl stores. “We saw very encouraging results from previous i-movo trials and it comes as no surprise to see further momentum” said Andrew Dellow, Commercial Director of e-pay. “Previous attempts to bring a digital voucher solution to the convenience and independent sectors have failed because of the cost of installing new hardware and complexity of developing custom software. i-movo uses existing payment terminals and is based on industry standard payment messages so avoids the pitfalls of earlier attempts.”

According to David Tymm, CEO at i-movo “the very high redemption rates we have seen in this and other i-movo campaigns is driven in part by the convenience of system for consumers and retailers. We use text-messages to distribute our vouchers as most consumers are familiar with text and text-messages work on all mobile phones, By contrast, bar-codes don’t display consistently on all handsets, have a high failure rate when scanned and require costly and time-consuming integration to retailer systems to provide secured redemption.”

About i-movo i-movo is a private company jointly owned by Conchango PLC and David Tymm, who is also CEO. The company was established in 2003 to develop technology and processes to distribute promotional currency to mobile phones with redemption using existing retail infrastructure. For further information on i-movo, please visit orcontact David Tymm at i-movo, or telephone +44 (0) 207 261 4449.

For further information please contact 0207 261 4484

Published on: 12:00AM on 21st May 2007