Simply Marcomms Ltd, PR & Marketing Consultancy, is pleased to announce the launch of a further nine new online directories to its already successful Industry Directory, offering free listings to relevant specialist industries.

The revolutionary directory, built around a simple philosophy of relevance provides users with relevant links to companies, providing products and services within specialist UK industries.

Matt Cutts, Google’s renowned search sage and possibly the foremost authority on all things related to search engine optimisation (SEO) recently recommended in his article ‘Search engine optimisation playing by the rules’ that quality and relevance matter over quality.

Matt Cutts went on to say that the best links are natural, warranted links from reputable sites, industry and geo-specific directories.

Unlike many directories which group companies under general and irrelevant business categories, the Industry Directory provides relevant information to both users looking for goods and services, and for the companies that supply these.

Nine industries including: Asbestos, Construction Products, Demolition, Facilities Management & Maintenance, Health & Safety, HVAC, Plant Hire, Recycling & Waste and Roofing, can now benefit from the directory. Each directory has at least ten tailored categories within it to ensure that users will always, easily find what/who they are looking for.

Industry Directory invites relevant companies operating within any of these UK Industries to visit the site and create a free directory listing. (Only relevant companies are able to opt for a free listing from the Industry directory.)

Once a company is registered with a Free or Upgrade listing they are then eligible for a Priority Listing, this will place their listing at the top of their chosen category, with a company description, logo all relevant contact information and links, plus their very own profile page. For just £295.00 (+ VAT per annum) the Priority Listing also allows the company to submit 12 news items to the relevant directory, which are then fully optimised along with their profile page for the search engines, and is then distributed via online RSS News Feeds.

Companies wanting to upgrade their free listing to include a link to their website can do so for £95 per annum.

As Google’s guru Matt Cutts suggests for mainstream B2B sites in saturated areas, popularity can prove tricky, to combat this he recommends being creative, writing and syndicating articles.

Matt Cutts said: “In doing so, you’re not only likely to generate search-engine-friendly content, you’ll also enable customers to get to know you better.”

For further information please follow this link/visit to the home page:

A list of the nine directories can be seen below:
Asbestos Industry Suppliers Directory
Construction Products Suppliers Directory
Demolition Suppliers Directory
Facilities Management & Maintenance Supplier Directory
Health & Safety Suppliers Directory
HVAC Suppliers Directory
Plant Hire Suppliers Directory
Recycling & Waste Suppliers Directory
Roofing Suppliers Directory

Priority Listings are available on a first come, first served basis.
Please contact us on 0870 199 4044 for more details or email us at

Published on: 12:00AM on 21st May 2007