Adviva extends video to offer out-of-page formats
• Customisable PrePage, OverPage and InterPage options with variable sizes
• Targeting options include behavioural, contextual and geographic targeting

London 23 May, 2007….Adviva, the UK’s largest CPM focused advertising network, is extending its range of video products to offer interruptive brand building opportunities for advertisers. Video PrePage, Video OverPage and Video InterPage will complement Adviva’s in-page formats which include expandable banners and MPUs currently used by clients such as Vauxhall, Butlins and Twentieth Century Fox.

The new formats can be customised to match the campaign and audience required with options to change the background, headers, transparency and other features to maximise the impact of the advertiser’s brand. A video advertising campaign can be targeted on the Adviva network using behavioural and contextual targeting as well as time of day and geographic options. The new products are compatible with all major video ad serving technologies.

Phil Coote, Chief Operations Officer at Adviva explains, ‘An increasing number of advertisers are using our range of video creative formats which works especially well for executions like film trailers and automotive adverts. Now we are launching the UK’s first network video product with customisable out-of-page formats. It offers an engaging additional creative option that can be implemented quickly and easily on the network without complicated site-side coding, yet each advert is customised to the site that displays it. It’s like interstitial videos designed for the network market.’

Adviva’s new video PrePage technology provides a cost-effective, network-enabled video display product. It offers the ability to stream up to a full page of video advertising direct to users when they first visit a site. Video PrePage adverts can be customised for each campaign and each publisher with changes to backgrounds, headers, transparency and other features designed to maximise the brand impact.

The full page is also occupied when Video OverPage ads are used, either when a user first visits the site or when they click on a link to navigate through the publisher’s site. The adverts have a translucent background so that the user can still see the publisher site behind the page and the advertiser can specify the design, colour and transparency level of the page.

Video InterPage adverts, which can be customised like the PrePage adverts, offer video-enabled full pages displayed between pages on a publisher’s site. They can be triggered to display by a single link, such as to a specific product, or by any link on the page.

Adviva’s three video network formats launch today.

About Adviva
Adviva is the largest CPM focused online display advertising network in the UK providing cost effective direct response and brand advertising solutions for internet advertisers.

Adviva’s broad UK network of monitored, content driven websites reaches over 20 million unique internet users. By combining this network with a strong emphasis on technological development, Adviva is able to offer advertisers a range of advanced user and content targeting options delivering reach, flexibility and ultimately, results.

Adviva’s comprehensive suite of advertising targeting options include content and channel targeting, behavioural targeting in the form of user profiling, as well as keyword contextual targeting. In order to ensure the quality of the Adviva network Adviva has developed an in-house keyword blocking technology which prevents adverts from showing on pages that have URLs containing inappropriate content. Adviva is the only network in the UK to use this technology as standard across all advertising campaigns.

Established in 2000 and headquartered in London, Adviva expanded in the French and German markets in 2006 with offices in Paris and Munich to provide advertisers with a single pan-European display advertising buying point. Lead by founders CEO Todd Treusdell and COO Phil Coote, the business has experienced 117% growth in turnover year-on-year and was named the UK’s 25th fastest growing technology company in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 League 2006.

In December 2005 Adviva’s future growth was secured following a $8m investment from Kennet Venture Partners and new advertising technology products are currently in development.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 23rd May 2007