Leading on-line business intelligence company, Site Intelligence, has launched a new version of its core application Visitor Behaviour Information System (VBIS). VBIS v5.0 offers complete integration with email and paid search applications; as well as delivering speed and accuracy for high volume data processing and reports in seconds.

Site Intelligence’s VBIS is renowned for providing the detail and speed of reporting required by top online businesses such as Tesco, Argos and Royal Bank of Scotland and these new improvements will ensure that it stays at the forefront of the web analytics industry.

The key improvements of VBIS v5.0 include:

Search Marketing Module – This new module tracks click level detail for all activity resulting from search driven landings onto a website. This provides the unique ability to measure the true effect of all search marketing on every aspect of your online business.

VBIS Email Integration Module – Targeted and personalised email marketing plays a pivotal role in eCommerce today. This new module tracks activity and value throughout the email process, enabling marketers to analyse every aspect of an email campaign and therefore allow them to build basket value through greater campaign relevance.

VBIS v5.0 speed and accuracy – v5.0 allows businesses to process terabytes of data in seconds for instant report generation.

Scalability - Terabytes of click level business data can be maintained across multiple data servers providing the ability to query the VBIS Data Warehouse across several years of comprehensive and detailed eCommerce data.

David Jackson, MD of Site Intelligence, comments: “This launch marks another stage in our development. We are providing services for some of the leading online businesses in the UK and pride ourselves in developing new and unique applications that truly address the requirements of these major businesses.”

Published on: 12:00AM on 30th May 2007