Creative web consultancy depo consulting, based in Milton Keynes, has now been added to the register of full service developers maintained by Linden Labs, the owner of Second Life.

Full service developers are those capable of providing end-to-end management of large and complex projects within Second Life, such as building an entire island. depo have already completed several such projects, including their recent delivery of European law firm Field Fisher Waterhouse's in-world office facility.

depo's in-world creative director is Bennet Dynamo, a New York based architect in real life. The resulting cross-over of real life architecture into the virtual world has meant that the buildings and surrounding environments have an exceptional quality, which has proved distinctive within an environment where many of the buildings have a look and feel akin to those found in computer games.

Says depo director, Peter Dunkley, "We're thrilled to be developing our business at the forefront of what we believe to be the next wave in the evolution of the Internet. By locating on Second Life we have opened up the possibility of working readily with people from all over the world. Six months ago all our clients were UK based companies, but we now have clients in New Zealand, the USA and Spain. Our team of architects and developers hail from both coasts of the USA, South America, Singapore, Holland and Dundee!"

Projects on Second Life are becoming noticeably more ambitious and complex, and depo have been developing new formal methods for managing them within the new environment.

Peter Dunkley "Our commercial background is proving very useful as our clients seek to explore the options available for them to engage with this new world. For some, the primary interest in Second Life is as a marketing and sales platform, but others are also examining the potential benefits of using virtual office facilities to cut costs, and to open new areas of opportunity by enabling recruitment of staff in territories where they don't have a physical presence."

"It may seem a bit crazy, but Second Life is actually a great working environment. It has all the advantages of home working with the added social benefits that you are still working with friends and colleagues - even if you've never met them in real life. I see Marissa Meltzer every working day in the virtual office, but I wouldn't recognise her in the street."

"We are working with colleagues and clients from all over the world on some genuinely ground-breaking projects, and I don't even have to leave the house. It really doesn't get any better than this!"

Notes for the Editor:

About depo consulting ltd

Founded in 2001, depo consulting is a consultancy that focuses on the commercialisation of websites and the use of the Internet to drive revenues and profitability. They have had an office in Second Life since November 2006.

Published on: 12:00AM on 5th June 2007