Online behavioural marketing and analysis experts RedEye are joining forces with digital, rich media marketing company Deliverydotcom, to deliver video within email without the need for streaming. The unique service from the newly established partnership is being marketed by RedEye Email Marketing.

Utilising advanced technology to deliver rich media marketing collateral, the new video email service will specifically target interested parties. With video and graphics compressed and embedded within the email, communications will have instant impact, sidestepping the need to download graphics and click to view streaming video. As more and more organisations recognise the benefits of video in product and service sales, this technology from RedEye and Deliverydotcom delivers high impact, attention grabbing profile to both. Providing an effective mechanism for instantaneous response with links to purchase online sites, register for memberships, opt-in etc ,the service also leads recipients to extended video content or TV on websites.

Matthew Kelleher, Commercial Director at RedEye comments, “by combining RedEye’s existing email marketing capabilities with those of Deliverydotcom, we have created an offer that represents a significant step forwards for online marketers. We are delivering a tool designed specifically to boost interaction with brand emails, enhance open and click through rates and ultimately increase conversions – measurables that are under significant pressure at the moment in time. This tool, used with our behavioural targeting, email and analytical expertise and Deliverydotcom’s unique solution, provides a service that is highly targetable and combines tagging and trigger data for timely, relevant emails based on consumer behaviour”.

RedEye are market leaders in online behavioural analytics and marketing, merging email, analytics and usability to provide a single solution to increase prospect and customer conversion and improve online customer retention.

Chris Preston, Campaign Director at Deliverydotcom, said “We are delighted to have Red Eye as a partner for our video email product. Their pedigree in managing, delivering and analysing successful email campaigns is the perfect foundation from which to launch this high value, targeted offering to clients who are serious about utilising the impact of video.” Deliverydotcom specialise in the delivery of rich media marketing messages directly to a target audience. This is achieved using state-of-the-art technology in email production, IPTV platforms and the development of programs that create and define relevant communities for marketers.
Following its recent re-branding launch as part of the RedEye group, RedEye Email Marketing is continuing to focus on and invest in new systems, technology and initiatives combined with more account and market facing staff

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Published on: 12:00AM on 5th June 2007