Cimex, in partnership with the Mayor has created a campaign website to support the Mayor’s new environmental initiative, DIY Planet Repairs public information campaign.

Launched this week, the initiative encourages 7.4 million Londoners to change their behaviour and lead a more environmentally aware lifestyle.

The interactive agency was commissioned by the Mayor to develop a website which encourages users to find out how green they are and how to make changes to their lifestyle to repair the planet.

The new website is the focus of Greater London Authority environmental activities supporting Londoners at all levels of environmental awareness.

A London-oriented site, it is geared towards people with environmental awareness and willingness to make changes in their lifestyle to combat climate change. London is a city of great economic, social and cultural diversity.

As a result, Cimex faced the following challenges during the development of the site:

• personalising the campaign as a call to individual action
• appealing to the wide range of lifestyles and incomes in the city
• creating a virtual home which is relevant across the board – in Hampstead and Tower Hamlets
• engaging target users throughout the ‘green continuum’

DIY Planet Repairs website features DIY Living, encouraging change to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, expert advice, special offers such as vouchers and discounts on ‘green’ products and up-to-date news on environmental issues.

Cimex is a leading practitioner of User Centred Design (UCD) which places users at the heart of any web development process. Participation from Londoners throughout the development process was, therefore, central to the creation of what is an engaging, effective and scaleable Planet DIY Repairs site.

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Editors Notes:

- Cimex is a top 40 digital media agency, which has pioneered cutting edge design, technical expertise and engaging content in business and learning digital media projects for over 10 years – winning more than 35 awards in the process, including two BAFTA Interactive Awards.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 6th June 2007