Geneva, May 1st 2007

holistis, a web-services company founded by online marketing experts is launching at Internet World 2007 in London, an innovative web-service solution that enables to personalise website contents to visitors intentions and increase the return of online marketing campaigns.

Online advertising budgets are surging: in 2006 Internet advertising saw a 41.2% growth in the UK to break the €9 million barrier and overtake advertising in national newspapers (source: March 2007 IAB/PwC online advertising spend study). This budget shift increases the cost of online customer acquisition and makes conversion rate even more critical to return on marketing investment (ROI).

Companies willing to maximise the ROI of their e-marketing campaigns (natural search, PPC campaigns, banners) understood clearly this trend among which is Nestlé Nespresso, market leader in premium portioned coffee.
“Increasing our visitor/customer conversion rate is key to sustain our business model. As a result we have decided to implement a pilot of holistis content personalisation solution on the website of one of our most competitive markets", indicates Frederic Levy President of Nestlé Nespresso USA and former International e-Business Manager.

“We are very happy of Nespresso’s confidence in our solution”, says Jean-Frederic Bistagne, holistis General Manager. He adds, “our robust patent-pending algorithms together with the ease of its integration on any standards-based website as well as the ability to see immediate increase on conversion rates is a key competitive advantage of holistis solution. In addition, the maturity of the UK market and the importance of Internet World 2007 comforted us in our choice to be present at the show and make there our European launch."

About holistis:

holistis is a web-services company based in Geneva, Switzerland and Bathurst, Canada, offering customers dramatic competitive advantages to maximise online marketing investments and enhance web presence and user experience. Based on patent-pending algorithms, our solutions have been designed for marketers who want to tailor content to their online visitors’ intentions and see immediate and measurable ROI increase, resulting in increased average consumer spending, better customer satisfaction and loyalty, and higher brand image.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 1st May 2007