Netizen Digital, the online travel marketing specialist, has developed a new Google Maps integration layer for flight information provider, that integrates directly with online hotel reservation agency

Launched in 2006 Jetnav provides comprehensive worldwide airline schedules, with coverage of over 95% of all available flights, from one single source. Covering all airlines from budget to national flag carriers, the site also delivers details of new flight schedules as well as general air travel news.

The site gives visitors a range of navigational paths to find flights and check the routes of specific airports, as well as providing alternative routes and airports when a preferred flight is not available.

The Google Maps integration layer provides a quick and convenient way of finding flights and routes. For example when a user searches for a flight from a particular airport, but the search fails to find a match, the Google maps integration layer automatically displays all UK airports within 250km of the original choice, that do operate a route to the selected destination.

Importantly, when flight routes are successfully identified, Jetnav’s Google maps now automatically show the locations of the twenty nearest hotels around the departure (or arrival) airport. When the user hovers over a particular hotel, details such as a hotel description, images and user ratings, are displayed. This live content is pulled into the Google maps application direct from Jatnav’s partner Users can then click through to to check availability and make a booking.

Jetnav MD Chris Mallard said, “We are committed to delivering the best user experience to our website visitors. The Google maps integration layer has simplified the way our visitors find flights and routes. The hotel details now provide visitors with a quick and convenient way to find and evaluate accommodation, and this represents a significant opportunity for Jetnav.”

Netizen Digital MD Lewis Lenssen said, “Our work with Jetnav is a great example of how we can implement innovative technology to make it easier for website visitors to find the information that they need and to help travel companies develop their businesses.”

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About Netizen Digital

Netizen Digital is an online travel marketing specialist. We provide search engine marketing, email marketing, tracking and analytics, and website design and development, tailored to the needs travel companies.

Over the past ten years Netizen Digital has completed more than 250 travel website projects. We provide a bespoke offering that includes full website design and development, interactive mapping solutions, and reservation system integration. Mosaic, our in-house web development platform and content management tool, has been developed specifically for travel companies.

We manage paid search engine marketing campaigns for over 130 clients from our London offices. We build, manage, optimise and report on paid search campaigns across all major search engine media, such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 1st May 2007