Industry united in driving accountability for electronic media

The Strategy Council that governs IAB Europe has agreed that IAB’s across Europe will unite behind a single set of standard metrics for measuring electronic media.

The standard metrics that will be adopted by IAB Europe are already in place in the UK and Ireland through the work of ABC ELECTRONIC and the national IAB. They have already been adopted by the IFABC Web Standards Group and this next step is the completion of industry agreement behind a single set of standards.

IFABC represents 37 ABC’s around the world. It is a voluntary cooperative federation of industry-sponsored organisations established in nations throughout the world to verify and report facts about the circulations of publications and related data.

Danny Meadows-Klue, President IAB Europe and head of its European Standards Task Force comments: “This is about making online simple. Our task forces have worked with ABC groups in many countries to share ideas and agree on these uniform measurements. There are so many different activities marketers want to be able to measure online and these tools give the only clear, precise, detailed definition about what each and every metric really stands for.”

Richard Foan, MD, ABC ELECTRONIC and Chair of IFABC Web Standards Group comments: “Now online spend is growing at an even greater pace, media buyers are looking to established industry bodies to deliver the necessary accountability. Globally the IFABC and in the UK and Ireland, ABCE are the industry bodies created to do just that. IAB Europe should be congratulated for building on existing best practice for the benefit of professionals in new media across Europe.”

IAB Europe endorses independent auditing of website traffic as a powerful way of giving media buyers and clients greater confidence in online.

Published on: 12:00AM on 19th May 2004