Trust is the social lubricant that will catalyse the global virtual outsourcing market, says Michael Wolff, CEO of ki work, a new global virtual outsourcing marketplace that is about to beta test.

Trust is a vital but often missing quality in the online relationships between the increasing number of companies who plan to contract the services of a growing worldwide pool of professionals competing for work.

Ki work’s new social/business model uniquely builds trust by creating intermediaries and trusted experts to accredit both buyers and vendors.

Ki work, through its innovative online auction,, is looking to find founder members with the knowledge and networks, who will accredit experts in over 400 business categories. In return for a category leasing fee, the founder members earn income from accreditation and search, and as their territory grows its capital value increases and can be traded.

By introducing greater trust through social and business networks and using an approach that rewards people for their expertise and contacts, ki work will become the eBay of global outsourcing, claims Michael Wolff.

Notes: ki work is being developed as the next generation online marketplace and operational platform for buyers and vendors of services in the global outsourcing market, powered by a network of accredited experts.

Ki work enables specialised experts to derive substantial value from their working relationships by acting as trusted intermediaries between buyers and sellers within their primary areas of expertise.

With several hundred outsourcing categories, ki work supports accredited intermediaries to form networked businesses in and across each of these categories. They benefit not only from their own connections, but also reciprocally from those of other intermediaries in the community.
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Published on: 12:00AM on 10th May 2007